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Anxiety attacks and panic attack symptoms demystified by new website


A new website is helping define what panic attacks really are, and advice on how to get rid of panic attack symptoms forever. If you suffer from anxiety attacks could help you reach out to others suffering from the same condition as you, and network in this online community of like minded people. For those suffering from a panic attack, there can often be a stigma associated with such a condition, fortunately with the right information, and management of the symptoms and causes, the negative effects on your lifestyle can be minimised or eliminated all together.

Michelle Tason from said “Panic Attacks affects approximately 2.4 million people in the United States (3 - 5%) and is 2 times more prevalent in women than in men. Panic Disorder typically starts in the late teens to early twenties and evidence shows that as people get older there are less cases such as those people over 35 is not very common and people over 45 seems to be unusual to have them. Some people may only ever experience one panic attack in their lives while others may experience more severe cases and have them daily, weekly,monthly,yearly.”

From the statistics, it is very clear that anxiety attacks are a prevalent condition suffered by the younger section of people in the community. The frequency of attacks can also vary which could exacerbate the problem if the frequency increased. Like any condition or illness that one may suffer, people do really need to arm themselves with the knowledge to manage the situation so it does not adversely affect their lifestyle. is the resource those suffering from panic attack symptoms can turn to help reclaim some normality in their life, and increase their self-esteem.

Michelle Tason adds “When I was younger as a teenager during a panic attack I would get PVC heart beats (Premature Ventricular Complexes) which is where your heart would start skipping beats as your heart was racing from the emotional terrifying gripping fear associated with the panic attack which you were experiencing. So what would happen is my mind would fixate on this fear and actually cause me to have a panic attack almost daily which would mimic an actual heart attack. Although I was perfectly healthy other than having my panic attacks as well as developed agoraphobia from the ripping fear that my panic attacks would cause me. This is actually also very common for people to experience with severe panic disorder. Agoraphobia is where you become afraid to go to certain places where you might have experienced a previous panic attack, such as in the car driving, in an elevator, at a department store in the mall, at a park, friend or relatives house,etc.”

If you suffer panic attack symptoms or feel that your anxiety attacks may require treatment, you can get more information to help treat your panic attack symptoms from Free yourself from the grip of anxiety attacks today, and start living life to the fullest.


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