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Automotive and Aerospace Industries Research and Analysis Site eMOTION! Release Full Analysis "Restoration of GM: A European Solution Of Einsteinian Simplicity?"


GM: Not Down For The Count; May Add Opel Agila Mini-Car To U.S. Product Line-up Within 120 Days

Detroit -- As a follow-on to an automotive and business Media Advisory sent on July 2, 2008 and timestamped 5:44pm EDT regarding GM plans to potentially add several high-mileage GM Europe products such as Opel/Vauxhall Agila mini-cars to its U.S. line-up in the face of stunning price increases at the pump, eMOTION! ( an Automotive/Aerospace Industries research and analysis site founded in 2001, has released an expanded analysis now available for download on site.(

“What our analysts and sources, named and unnamed, make clear in this analysis,” says Publisher Myron D. Stokes, a former Newsweek, Newsweek International and Newsweek Japan correspondent, who, along with former Detroit Bureau Chief Frank Washington, dissected GM’s board member-led “Palace Coup” of the early 1990’s (Newsweek:Another Pink Slip? 1992), “Is that Wall Street’s extraordinarily negative assessments of the world’s largest automaker over the past two weeks in particular, are unfounded, disingenuous, misleading and in the words of Dennis Virag, President of Ann Arbor, MI-based Automotive Consulting Group, responding to Merrill-Lynch raising the specter of bankruptcy, ’irresponsible.’”

“In the minds of some”, Stokes noted, “There are darker strategies at work here, causing one GM insider to conclude that the Wall Street onslaught is ”’deliberate and designed to set the stage for yet another takeover attempt by parties onshore and offshore.’"

And who might these parties be?

”China,” says national security strategist Dr. Sheila Ronis whose recently released book “Timelines Into The Future:Strategic Visioning Methods for Government, Business, and Other Organizations”,( contains a scenario outlining a willful destruction of GM, “Has stated specifically their intent to become the dominant military and industrio-economic force on the planet, and GM is in their way. And, according to data being compiled by both industry and government sources, inclusive of the United States China Security Commission( China has succeeded in going far beyond infiltration of the U.S. financial and industrial sectors, they’ve become part of its DNA by establishing near-controlling interest in several major investment banking and industry supply entities. Thus, they have been able to manipulate the U.S. financial market to their benefit, and are not limited to activities such as the threatened sell-off of U.S.Treasury Bills 11 months ago; their presumed role in the subprime loan debacle with its on-going market repercussions, and the outright takeover and removal of MG-Rover (UK) intellectual property rights, technology and manufacturing equipment in 2005"

Selected Quotes from analysis:

“The ripple effect of fear serves to cause stock prices to plummet even more and, like chum in a shark tank, brings in predatory special interests who were poised for the opportunity to scoop up truckloads of devalued shares at a fraction of their true worth.” -- ER Staff

“These [Merrill-Lynch]comments are, in my view, irresponsible. If GM files for bankruptcy, it will bring down Ford and Chrysler. This will result in a domino effort on suppliers, with as many as 70 - 80% of suppliers filing bankruptcy. This will have catastrophic implications on the US and world economy. Surely, a depression more harmful than the Great Depression would be the result.” -- Dennis Virag, President, Ann Arbor-based Automotive Consulting Group

Stokes says he trusts those that within media, industry, government and the financial sector considering this and other related analyses such as "Super-Globalism: Strategies For Maintaining a Robust Industrial Base Through Technological,Policy and Process Improvement([1].pdf) linked within the document, will understand how critical GM’s continued viability and other core components of the U.S industrial base, such as Ford and Boeing with their massive global footprints, are to geo-economic stability. And, closer to home, national and economic security.
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