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Customized All-New MPV Leads Mazda’s Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 Lineup


- Mazda to showcase seventeen customized and tuned-up exhibits -

Mazda Motor Corporation will display the All-New Mazda MPV fitted with the ’Mazdaspeed Package,’ along with a tantalizing lineup of customized and tuned vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 with NAPAC. This event will be held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba Prefecture from January 13 to 15, 2006. Customized versions of the All-New MPV, on sale in Japan from Spring 2006, will share the spotlight with similarly accessorized versions of the Mazda Roadster. The Roadster recently won the Japan Car of the Year 2005-2006 Award with its base production model.

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2006, Mazda will present the All-New MPV with the ’Mazdaspeed Package’ body kit and a number of Mazdaspeed-brand customized models, in addition to the models co-designed with the third-party brands KENSTYLE, DAMD and GIALLA. A popular racecar driver, Mr. Juichi Wakisaka, will host at the Mazda stand a talk show focusing on the enjoyment that customers can have customizing their Mazda vehicles.

Overview of vehicles to be exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2006

1. All New Mazda MPV Mazdaspeed Package (with planned production accessories)
The ’Urban Gran Tourismo’ design concept for this tuner version focuses on providing a powerful driving experience with this stylish GT minivan. The intrepid, high context design language has a unified flow, and the chief designer of the All-New MPV program himself supervised the production of this package. A Carbon Gray colored line is painted on the front, sides, rear and rear roof of the vehicle, an expression of the Mazdaspeed features on this model shares with the RX-8 or Mazda Roadster. Elaborate testing and verification processes, backed up by wind tunnel and running tests that only manufacturers can perform, bear out the claim that this Mazdaspeed package has achieved superb total balance and performance.

2. All New Mazda MPV KENSTYLE (with planned production accessories)
The popular KENSTYLE brand has produced a customized All-New MPV wrapped in a luxury sports aeroform package. KENSTYLE’s aerostyling takes the MPV’s high quality design up another notch. With KENSTYLE’s customized parts, the All-New MPV’s dynamic form has an added intensity and luxurious quality, and this vehicle is directed at adults who seek a taste of the high life.

3. All New Mazda MPV DAMD (with planned production accessories)
The well-known brand DAMD has offered up the “taste of sports luxury” version of the All New MPV. Sharing some of the DAMD’s popular “sports luxury” design elements, the All New MVP minivan was further evolved to resemble a finely sculpted athlete. The MPV’s dynamic form has been enhanced, newly crafted to brim over with sporty elements and latent speed. The newly designed, original 18-inch wheels are the finishing touch on this vehicle, rounding out its inherent “fun driving” character.

4. Mazda Premacy Bright Stylish
Mazda is also exhibiting the Premacy BRIGHT STYLISH CONCEPT that received great reviews at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon, and this model indicates a move towards its being offered commercially. Under the “Cool Style Minivan” concept, the Premacy was evolved with a view to a heightened stylishness. The front bumper and grille are outfitted with a chrome kit, while the rear styling is focused on a unified flow emphasized by the rear underskirt. A more resonant exhaust note - attained by fitting an exclusive sports muffler - complements the snazzy design of the Bright Stylish Premacy. More polished than the Premacy, it has been transformed into a model exhibiting hints of more harnessed energy.

5. Mazdaspeed Atenza MS Concept (concept model)
6. Mazda Roadster MS Concept (concept model)
11. Mazda RX-8 MS Concept (concept model)
The philosophy behind the Mazdaspeed brand is to provide safe cars that respond to the diverse needs of our customers, yet also contribute to a thriving motoring community. At this year’s salon, three sports cars represent Mazda’s experience and know-how about what constitutes “totally coordinated tuning.” Mazda performed full computer analysis of the body and running tests on these models. We also took advantage of the expertise that only auto manufacturer’s possess in mastering the base models’ production - maximizing the strong points, retaining reliability and durability, and ramping up the performance and body stiffness.

7. Mazda Roadster Mazdaspeed Package (with production accessories)
The Mazdaspeed Roadster, customized with Mazdaspeed production accessories, adds high performance with quality design features to the Mazda Auto Salon lineup. The lightweight Roadster, a sports car that excels at responsive, fun motoring, provides more aggressive performance and a dynamic external appearance with this package.

8. Mazda Roadster DAMD (with planned production accessories)
DAMD has also produced its version of the All New Roadster, intended for customers who want a touch of higher class in their vehicles. The design concept is ’new nostalgic’, which is given form in the extensive use of metal on the exterior. The dark brown and white interior is replete with full leather touches, rendering a car that appeals to the chic adult driver. Newly added premium wheels and an exclusive muffler appeal to the five senses of passers-by, adding the finishing touches to this high-grade version. The quality of this vehicle is equal to the task of satisfying mature drivers with a sharp eye for beauty in motion.

9. Mazda Roadster NR-A (reference exhibit)
This vehicle is potential entrant in the Roadster Party race series. The new Mazda Roadster NR-A will be launched to market in 2006.

10. Mazda Roadster Circuit Trial spec.
This is the ultimate, fully customized model that Mazda offers to lightweight sports car enthusiasts. The circuit trial specification is derived from the Roadster base model. It is a customized version of the Roadster, employing Monocraft MH2 parts. The soft, flowing lines of this Roadster’s wheel arches help convey the image of a feisty, slightly retro-looking weekend racing enthusiast in his or her 50s.

12. Mazda RX-8 KENSTYLE (with planned production accessories)
Combining the thrill of the sports car with everyday user-friendly qualities, the well-known brand KENSTYLE has produced a tuned-up RX-8 model. With the elegant “luxurious sports” concept that governed its customization, this version of the RX-8 features evolved styling and quality that is fitting of the label “premium sports.”

13. Mazda RX-8 NR-A (with production accessories)
The NR-A specification model has been a participant in the annual RX-8 Party Race that has been held since 2004. The RX-8 Type S boasts a rollcage and seatbelts integrated as safety equipment, with a large radiator and unique oil cooler also installed as race equipment.

14. Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE (reference exhibit)
Leasing of the RX-8 Hydrogen RE (rotary engine) is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2006. The RENESIS rotary engine mounted on the Mazda RX-8 was modified to host a dual-fuel system that uses onboard hydrogen and gasoline, injecting hydrogen gas directly into the engine via an electronic control unit embedded in the rotor housing. With onboard gasoline and high-pressure hydrogen gas tanks, the four-passenger base model is unchanged, providing practicality and lots of cabin space. Hydrogen engines boast zero CO2 emissions, and minimal generation of nitrous oxides (NO2), making for a very eco-friendly vehicle. And yet there is almost no difference in the driving feel when compared to a car with an internal combustion engine. Not only is it quite reliable, but the RX-8 Hydrogen RE also uses existing engine parts and production equipment, so it is commercially viable at a low cost.

15. Mazda Axela Sports GIALLA (with planned production accessories)
Built on the sporty Axela (Mazda3) Sports, this custom version is a more passionate and stylish rendition of the highly popular small compact. With exterior changes based on a “high mode form” concept, the GIALLA carbon spoiler has fortified the sportier design language. This version of the Axela Sport has a yellow interior which emanates a warmth like that of the Italian sun, giving the Axela a fresh, brilliant hue.

16. Mazda Atenza Sports Wagon GIALLA (with planned production accessories)
With exterior parts in line with GIALLA styled-details, the Atenza Sports Wagon’s body mass and wide stance are emphasized more effectively, setting this model apart from others. With green as the base color for the interior, this tuner was carefully coordinated to attain a refined, high quality feeling, raising it to greater heights.

17. Mazda Verisa C Collection (concept model)
The Mazda Verisa, which brought high quality touches to the compact car class, has gotten more luxurious with this custom concept. This concept car features chrome mirror bars across the grille and chrome bumpers, and embellished exterior highlights. A transparent orange exterior that glitters, and resembles liquid crystal, plays a key role in producing a sense of luxuriousness. The Verisa’s individualistic - and quite chic - interior adopts shades of white and ivory, for a bright, illuminated texture that ultimately realizes a high quality sensibility never before attained.


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