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Calix, Xangati, and ClearAccess Deliver Transparent Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution for Service Provider Customer Service Organizations


Calix Compatible Software Solution Enables CSOs to Rapidly Locate and Fix Performance Problems that Can Negatively Impact the Subscriber Experience

NXTcomm08, Las Vegas, NV.—Calix, Xangati, and ClearAccess today announced a software solution that enables customer service organizations (CSOs) to quickly and simply identify and resolve network performance issues that can negatively affect broadband services such as IPTV, streaming media, voice-over-IP (VoIP), and other subscriber favorites. Pretested for interoperability through the Calix Compatible Solutions Assurance program, this server-based solution integrates the following technologies from the three companies:

* The Calix Management System (CMS), to pinpoint for front-line support personnel the precise location of subscribers who call in with performance issues and to provide detailed service and device performance information for the other components of the solution
* Xangati Rapid Problem Identification (RPI), to give CSOs live visibility into application performance problems across the entire broadband infrastructure they manage — sometimes even before subscribers call to report an issue
* ClearAccess TR-069 CPE Management Application, to provide CSOs with direct control of the subscriber home network and customer premises equipment (CPE) beyond the demarcation point, so they can fix problems remotely

The simplified workflow that results from this combined solution enables CSOs to reduce churn by offering subscribers a premium service experience. Simplified workflow also benefits service providers, which can leverage the solution to limit truck rolls related to network performance issues as well as to mitigate malicious traffic that may unnecessarily bog down their networks.

“Performance problems put our reputation on the line with subscribers and also give us an opportunity to offer exceptional support,” said Harris Miller, manager of engineering at EATEL, a Louisiana ILEC. "The integrated workflow that the Calix-Xangati-ClearAccess solution offers would give us the most direct, cost-effective, and easy method for fixing any performance problem, whether the source is in the access network or in the subscriber home. Because we could handle many issues remotely, EATEL could avoid rolling a truck to the subscriber’s residence –

High-value broadband services like IPTV, streaming media, and VoIP have given service providers new opportunities for increasing customer stickiness and revenue, but they also can cause new operational headaches. Real-time networked services and applications are more sensitive to performance problems that can be exacerbated by high subscriber expectations and “prime-time” usage patterns for premium services. When multiple services are delivered over the same network, the complexity of troubleshooting and resolving application performance problems can rapidly snowball and threaten customer satisfaction.

The Calix-Xangati-ClearAccess solution radically improves the troubleshooting workflow for CSOs, giving them the ability to locate, identify, and fix a service problem in record time, as described below:

When a customer calls in with an issue, CMS enables the CSO to accurately locate the subscriber premises and gather information about the type of broadband access equipment deployed there. With the combined Calix-Xangati-ClearAccess solution, support teams can typically address a majority of issues remotely; however, if the situation does require an on-site visit, CMS offers an integrated Google Maps solution for rapid and precise field-technician dispatch.

CSOs use the location information to direct the Xangati RPI system to the appropriate broadband connection to discover the source of the problem. With RPI, support personnel now have live, comprehensive visibility into subscriber-generated broadband traffic and can even proactively detect malware on the network such as a virus or spambot before subscribers even notice the problem developing. Xangati RPI enables CSOs to quickly discover the facts behind application performance and availability issues — even when the source of the problem lies on the subscriber’s internal home network.

Armed with RPI information on the source of the performance problem, CSOs use ClearAccess technology integrated into CMS to promptly and directly troubleshoot service problems. With the customer’s permission, the CSO can remotely resolve the issue without rolling a truck to the customer’s site. TR-069 is the DSL Forum’s management protocol, which is rapidly becoming the standard method for CPE remote management. By using ClearAccess TR-069 technology, the service provider is able to go beyond the demarcation on the side of the subscriber’s house and into the CPE that sits within the home, enabling complete service management of the subscriber’s home network.

The result is a truly integrated solution that provides network performance monitoring from the hand-off to the core all the way to the in-home network, and optimizes both customer experience as well as network and customer service operations. Top-line revenue benefits from happier customers, and the bottom line reflects clear opex savings from reduced churn, faster mean-time-to-resolution, and fewer truck rolls.
Solution Integrated through the Calix Compatible Program

The Calix Compatible Solutions Assurance Program is an interoperability and compatibility certification program that helps ensure the viability of multi-vendor solution sets for service providers. Through this program, Calix acts as a partner to its customers, creating a full range of pretested service and application elements for building and maintaining service-ready infrastructures. The Calix-Xangati-ClearAccess solution is part of a new software-focused component for the Calix Compatible program, aimed at simplifying the way service providers provision and support high-value services using sustainable, cost-effective operational models.


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