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Warning, Spyware Detected On Your Computerís Blue Screen


Many times we have seen this message on our personal computer on a blue screen. Unfortunately this has become a common occurrence on our computers because spyware threats are lurking around on every virtual wrong turn that we take when surfing the information super highway. We are getting so many spyware and adware threats on our computers purely because there are financial incentives involved to all those that promote such rogue computer programs. You can visit to learn more about this subject

Many times spyware is downloaded with legitimate looking software that normally is advertised as being free, but we are not told or itís written in very small print that other nasty programs are attached with this legitimate looking software that we normally download. Other web pages we visit may utilize known backdoors in our operating systems and download without the userís knowledge programs that open other backdoors to let our computer download more spyware and adware.

Other Anti- adware or Anti-spyware programs that are advertised on the internet are sometimes adware themselves, (we are of course excluding the legitimate and serious anti-adware and anti-virus applications).

For this reason a website has been set up to inform the average internet users how to detect and delete spyware programs on your computer, the website is

Getting a review of anti-spyware programs before you decide to download one or even purchase one is essential nowadays, because not all anti-adware or anti-spyware programs may erase and detect all the spyware that is lurking on the darkest alleys of your computer, whilst other anti-spyware may detect spyware but may not be able to delete it because it is very difficult sometimes to remove such spyware without doing so manually, and sometimes you may remove a spyware and forget just one small file and this may open a backdoor for other spyware to be download and the problem may possibly get out of hand. The website has been written by a security specialist and features all the latest information that any surfer needs before approaching such anti spyware software.


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