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Truth About Human Growth Hormone


Human Growth Hormone is the hottest topic in town with everyone talking about it. With the rise of Human Growth Hormone usage by athletes and celebrities sure makes everyone wonder what exactly is Human Growth Hormone and what is the benefit of using it? A physician in Beverly Hills offers a few words about Human Growth Hormone with recent publicity.

According to the physician, the advanced human growth hormone therapy for people who suffered growth hormone deficiencies has helped them feel energetic and vibrant. Normal person will naturally secrete the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The hormone is at its peak during the adolescence period but the production will decrease as we grow older somewhere between 21-30 years old. By the age of 60 we will only produce as much as half of what we are able to produce when we are much younger. FDA approved growth hormone to be used in therapy for those who suffered human growth hormone deficiency in 1996.

The physician is a specialist in anti-aging treatments. He offers a comprehensive interview with the patient with series of examinations and lab tests to find out if there is a human growth deficiency and to figure the right treatment. The hormone replacement therapy is able to control hormonal and metabolic balance so that they are able to achieve the optimal results in restoring youthfulness to the patient so that the patient will be able to live longer and healthier.

Everyone has different hormonal and supplementary needs so the hormone replacement therapy has a series of hormones, supplements and other treatments specially formulated to support the individual balance of hormone levels. The hormones involved in the therapy include sexual hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, pregnenolone and human growth hormone (Hgh).

The benefit of this hormone replacement therapy is to be able to improve one’s quality of life, energy and well being. Other than that, it can help to burn fat and build more lean muscle while at the same time, decrease blood pressure and improve the level of good cholesterol. Patients who undergo this therapy can feel the benefit of improved bone density, skin tone and enhanced memory too.

Hormone therapy also being used as a treatment for menopause condition by using the bioidentical hormones to provide relief to women. This can reduce the risk of osteopenia that will eventually lead to osteoporosis. Some young women who suffered hormone deficiencies or premature ovarian failure can opt to undergo this treatment.

Men can also benefit from the hormone replacement therapy to treat age-related change or also known as viropause or andropause. In plain english, it is simply known as “man-o-pause”. It is a symptom where men is experiencing male testosterone deficiency. As a result, they might feel fatigue in the morning and night and lack of sexual drive.

However, men generally shy to seek treatment and some of them reluctant to seek treatment that is time consuming. However, with the advance of science and technology, treatments are becoming more convenient and unobtrusive for men. Testosterone replacement treatment can help men to improves libido, erectile dysfunction, mood, depression, memory, Alzheimer’s, angina, heart disease, diabetes, muscle mass, fat, bone inflammation and quality of life.



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