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Last month the death toll for United States soldiers killed in Iraq since the start of the war reached 4,000. This loss, along with the thousands of others lost in previous wars the U.S. has been involved in, prompts many to learn more about the countries in which they take place. has maps of Iraq along with many other countries where the United States has lost soldiers. They are a wonderful resource for those that want to learn more about these countries in which we are involved, both currently and in the past.

One of the countries that the U.S. has lost soldiers in is Mexico, during the Mexican-American War from 1846 to 1848. This war was started when the Mexican government did not acknowledge the withdrawal from the country of Mexico and following military victory by Texas. Around 13,271 soldiers were killed. For reference, maps of Mexico and Texas are available from

World War I left a total of 116,516 soldiers killed in action. This war, which began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed, went on from 1914 to 1919. Maps of many of the countries that were involved are also available. Those include Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, France and Great Britain. Many of these countries were also involved in World War II where 416,800 U.S. soldiers were killed. The United States got involved in the war after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. offers maps of Hawaii and of other countries not previously mentioned but that involved U.S. military deaths during WWII; Japan, Greece, Yugoslavia, Finland, and Poland are just a few of the maps available to the public.

June 25, 1950 marked the beginning of the Korean War, which was fought because of the increase in the number of border conflicts between two Korean rival regimes, the communist north and the democratic south, that became an extension to the United States and Russia’s Cold War. Over 54,000 American soldiers lost their lives defending democracy against the communists. Several different maps of Korea are offered. Another Asian country that the U.S. has fought it is Vietnam. The controversial Vietnam War saw over 58,000 American lives lost. This war went on from 1959 until April 30, 1975. offers a wide variety of maps of Vietnam. There are street maps of Hanoi and Saigon, political wall maps, and even elevation maps.

The Persian Gulf War was a conflict between Iraq and a coalition force from 34 nations in order to return Kuwait to the control of the Emir of Kuwait. Around 300 soldiers died as a result of this war. Maps of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel are available because all of these countries were involved. Other maps are available for the countries that helped the coalition in the aftermath, which include Egypt, Syria, Canada and Spain.

The United States is currently fighting in Afghanistan. Maps of this country are also available. The United States has lost many soldiers fighting the War on Terror since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

To learn more about the countries in which the U.S. has been involved in both militarily and beyond, is a great resource offering a large number of quality maps for the public.


 Map of Iraq
 Map of Middle East
 Map of Germany
 Map of Korea
 Map of Vietnam

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