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The NUCCA Chiropractic Method Combined with AlternaHealth Solutionsí Success Plan Brings Rapid Healing and Lasting Whole-Body Health


(Atlanta, Georgia) Dr. Russell Friedman and the chiropractic professionals at AlternaHealth Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia have developed a winning combination for their patients by uniting the proven NUCCA chiropractic method and their unique, highly effective Success Plan. The website at is the online authority for clear, helpful information about NUCCA upper cervical treatment and lifelong spinal health.

With this dynamic recipe for optimal healing, AlternaHealth Solutionsí patients with diverse issues consistently experience: migraine headache relief; low back pain relief; successful treatment for sciatic nerve pain, numbness, and tingling; treatment for vertigo; relief of allergies; and even significant improvement for high blood pressure. Dr. Friedman is the only board-certified NUCCA chiropractic doctor in Georgia, and one of only 20 in the world today. Patients are referred to Alternahealth Solutions in Atlanta from the renowned Mayo Clinic, fellow chiropractors, and pain management specialists. The reason for this is simple and clear: Dr. Friedmanís Success Plan and the NUCCA upper cervical treatment get real and lasting results for patients who have often seen more than 10 other chiropractors.

The NUCCA chiropractic method is very different from traditional chiropractic treatments. NUCCA spinal correction is extremely gentle and non-invasive. Correction of the underlying problem is accomplished by the scientifically-planned adjustment of the first cervical vertebra, directly below the skull. Every major nerve network passes through the first cervical vertebra (also known as the Atlas or C1) and even very mild misalignments in this area can cause far reaching difficulties in the spine and throughout multiple body systems. NUCCA correction of C1 allows everything to fall in place below this point and relieves pressure from the major nerve systems that pass through the vertebra. For more detailed information on the NUCCA chiropractic method, visit

AlternaHealth Solutions combines Dr. Friedmanís experience and skill in the NUCCA upper cervical method with their distinctive Success Plan to create the best and fastest possible results for their patients. The Success Plan is tailored to the unique needs of each of their patients and consists of three key steps:

1. CORRECT the underlying problem.
2. STABILIZE the correction.
3. OPTIMIZE the healing process for lifelong health.

Based on scientific principles, careful measurements, and before and after 3D X-ray images, the Atlas vertebra is gently corrected by the NUCCA method for relief of the underlying problem, whether this is carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, vertigo problems, or more wide-spread system problems affected by spinal misalignment.

Once corrected, the patient experiences a limited number of additional visits to ensure that the correction has taken hold and is stabilizing. NUCCA chiropractic treatment has been shown in many cases to require far fewer office visits than traditional chiropractic treatments.

The third step involves a customized plan, developed in partnership with the patient, to speed and strengthen the healing process, as well as promote optimal spinal health for life. This Atlanta chiropractor practice works with patients on a program incorporating nutrition, exercise, and stress balance to promote the best possible results from the NUCCA treatment. Their website is home to a vast number of testimonials, from patients with various chiropractic problems, who have been helped enormously by AlternaHealth Solutions.

Dr. Friedman and the chiropractic team at AlternaHealth Solutions are welcoming new patients to their Atlanta chiropractic center at this time. To arrange an appointment call (404) 459-6603 today or fill out the convenient website form at


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