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Coastal Vacations Problems Explained By Travel Expert Dean Marino


In a recent phone interview travel expert Dean Marino explained the problems some have associated with the time tested Coastal Vacations home based travel business and how to avoid them. Coastal Vacations discount travel memberships have sold in the marketplace for over 25 years and Coastal Vacations has been a top rated home based business for over 14 years. They have over 100,000 members in over 100 countries around the world, but most members reside in the United States and Canada.

Some members have complained over the last few years that the Coastal Vacations discount travel membership is complicated and many members paid good money, but donít know how to take advantage of the deep discounts and complimentary vacations and cruises. Indeed, Coastal Vacations has enlisted over 70 licensed and bonded travel vendors members can utilize to book travel and the Coastal Vacations Board of Directors has set a goal to reach 100 vendors by the end of the year. Each vendor can set the parameters for programs offered and as a result there is not one simple set of rules for all the travel programs offered.

Travel expert Dean Marino explained the problem, ďWhile Coastal Vacations members have many opportunities for deep discounts, they donít have a single phone number they can call to sort out the deals. Multiple vendors mean better deals and more of them for members, but many are unfamiliar with how to get those deals. The problem is multiplied because many of the people selling the memberships donít actually travel and canít explain it to their members. Many who join Coastal Vacations hope to make money reselling the Coastal Vacations discount travel membership packages.Ē

Marino is a Los Angeles based independent travel agent who has logged over one million air miles with U S. Airways. He is a Diamond VIP member with Hilton Hotels, their highest elite level, and has maintained the top Avis First and Avis Preferred status for years. Unlike many in the home based travel business, Marino understands travel and is well equipped to help his members utilize and market Coastal Vacations travel memberships.

Marino explained, ďThe biggest problem with Coastal Vacations is that most members trying to sell it donít use the discount travel membership package themselves. Most in the network marketing industry are accustomed to explaining the simple use of a vitamin tonic or the excitement of a money game. They donít know how to help their members benefit from multiple travel opportunities with 26 membership cards and over 30 complimentary vacations and cruises. The Coastal Vacations Board of Directors offers training via conference calls, but it seems that most members are unable to attend the calls or are just so concentrated on learning sales and closing techniques that they donít take the time to learn about the product. I find that many of my members learn best with one-on-one instruction when we can both be in front of our computers and I can show them exactly how to dig out the best deals.Ē

Those who join with Marino donít actually need to be concerned with personal selling and closing sales. Marino and those who partner with him are members of the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program. The hugely popular Coastal Sales Center Group maintains a full time staff at their Tempe Arizona offices to handle many of the details for members, so they donít need to do it all by themselves. The staff follows up with prospects. They finalize sales, process credit cards and collect payments. They even ship the discount travel membership kits for members.

Recently Marino has seen some Coastal Vacations members so confused about how to use their memberships that they felt compelled to purchase less comprehensive discount travel memberships through Platinum One Destinations (P1D). The Platinum One Destinations (P1D) memberships offer fewer travel saving opportunities and sell for as much as $15,000. Marino says itís really an educational problem for Coastal Vacations. He explained, ďToo many people who donít use and donít understand the Coastal Vacations memberships are out there selling them. Their selling skills may be sharp, but their knowledge of how to actually use the product is almost zero. It all makes Coastal Vacations look bad. Most new members donít realize how important it is to partner with the right Coastal Vacations director so they can be more knowledgeable and successful.

Those who partner with Marino get special tools, product and marketing information he shares only with his group. They have a full time staff to take care of many of the details of handling the business for them. However, what they find most valuable is that they have access to Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino 7 days a week. His members all have his cellular number so they can reach him in Alaska, Mexico, Florida, Arizona, or even at home in Los Angeles.

Additional information about Coastal Vacations, the Coastal Sales Center Group, Dean Marino Travel, and Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Dean Marino can be found at WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .


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