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300 Million Suffer From ADHD: Behavioral Disorder Hits Children Most Frequently


Harrisburg PA, March 14, 2008 – Estimates are that 5% of the world’s population suffer from the behavioral disorder ADHD, with more than 60% of the afflicted being children, according to Dr. Paul Moss, a prominent U.S. physician.

Hoping to provide education and support to millions of parents whose children suffer with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), Dr. Moss has created a full-spectrum website devoted to the singular problems parents face in trying to raise a healthy and well-adjusted ADHD child. The new site can be viewed at

Responding to questions about the need for such a website, Dr. Moss remarked: “There is a basic lack of understanding in child ADHD. Many parents simply do not have the proper knowledge and skill to handle their ADHD children. Problems such as designing game activities for children, homeschooling, dieting and supplements, diagnostic assessments and finding ways to cope with and treat ADHD children are not uncommon amongst the parents.”

ADHD manifests itself in a variety of ways. Often the child develops conduct disorders and becomes anti-social – lying, stealing and fighting with others. In 20-30% of the cases the ADHD child will have a learning disability, and less frequently the syndrome could be responsible for the onset of Tourette’s Syndrome. Anxiety is another frequent symptom of ADHD.

“Children with ADHD are three times more prone to depression,” Dr. Moss went on to say, “Inability to complete tasks, inability to read and write properly, frequent bad results in school - aren’t these reasons enough for a young bud to wither?” He goes on to point out that depression in children who suffer from ADHD often goes undiagnosed for long periods of time.

“The first step is that they become anti-social. Parents and teachers who are unaware of the fact that a child is suffering from ADHD might feel relieved if the hyperactive kid locks himself in his room. They wanted this for so long…. they hoped he could remove the battery that drove him crazy all day long. But this is not it! He is not cured; he is sinking into a depression and that’s an alarming situation.”

A visit to the website reveals a large array of topics and tools, with links to pertinent articles on caring for and nurturing the ADHD child, including activities, fun and games, homeschooling, behavioral therapy techniques, medications and much, much more. The site helps parents to better understand the ADHD child, and teaches them that certain actions are very damaging and should be avoided at all costs.

“Do not beat, scold, accuse or confront the ADHD child,” warns Dr. Moss, “ADHD children are very sensitive, and these actions cause him to compare himself negatively to other children – making his condition worse. Counseling the ADHD child is many times more effective than blaming him.”

The website offers copious insight into the mind of the ADHD child, with contributions from numerous authors, experts in the field and psychotherapists. Besides counseling patience, patience and more patience, parents are also advised to be a friend to the afflicted child. “Be with him; give him your maximum attention; play, eat and study with him,” Dr. Moss advises.

Created to be user friendly, the website avoids scientific jargon and speaks to the parents in layman’s terms, fostering a better understanding of ADHD and its effects on the family unit. Future enhancements are scheduled to include forums, blogs, Q & A sessions, and a feature Dr. Moss considers very important: member participation.

“We will be a member’s only forum, and the parents of the ADHD child will be invited to share their experiences and their success stories. Medical advice is important, yes, but so is inspiration and encouragement,” Dr. Moss said. was founded in 2008 by Dr. Paul Moss of Harrisburg, PA, as a place for parents of ADHD children to gain knowledge and understanding of their child’s affliction. The website offers a large variety of tools and resources for the ADHD community, and is meant to be inspirational as well as educational.

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