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ESCORT RADAR announces a new revolutionary custom-installed radar and laser detector with GPS INTELLIGENCE.


WEST CHESTER, OHIO - Further expanding its technological leadership in the radar and laser detector industry, ESCORT Inc. announced today the next generation of its GPS-Powered speed and location intelligent radar and laser detectors, the all-new custom-installed PASSPORT 9500Ci.

The 9500Ci is a total radar and laser defense system which can be discreetly installed into any vehicle. A single radar receiver and twin-laser transceivers are installed in the front grill area of the vehicle, while a single laser transceiver is attached to the rear license plate. A miniature display and separate controller are installed in the vehicles’ interior.

The 9500Ci creates an all-new industry standard for radar performance by incorporating a new dual antenna and an extremely high-efficient dual LNA receiver. “We’re excited about this new level of radar performance in a custom-installed product. Our Engineering staff has outdone themselves again,” said Tim Coomer, Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development. The receiver is also completely undetectable to all known scanning devices, making it the most discreet custom-installed detector in the world.

Superior Laser protection is provided by multiple sensors mounted front and rear of the vehicle. These Laser sensors provide the most accurate way to detect and measure minute fragments of light produced by laser guns. The 9500Ci also has “Shifting” capability, which provides the ultimate protection against Laser.

The 9500Ci also breaks new ground by building upon ESCORT’S patented TrueLock™ feature, which uses GPS technology to eliminate false alerts by exact location and frequency. “Our new AutoLearn™ feature will automatically analyze all signals and intelligently sort them in its database. The customer simply drives and the 9500Ci will alert to real signals, and reject the rest. It will even automatically unlock a signal that is no longer present. We like to think of it as our version of artificial intelligence,” added Coomer.

The PASSPORT Ci also incorporates ESCORT’s GPS-based “AutoSensitivity” mode, which varies the radar performance based on the speed of the vehicle. At interstate speeds, the PASSPORT Ci’s radar sensitivity increases automatically to maximum performance. At slower speeds (parking lots, etc.), radar sensitivity is adjusted to further reduce unwanted alerts.

The 9500Ci will come pre-loaded with a North American database of safety camera locations. These high-risk intersections are growing in popularity nationwide, and are equipped with red light or speed-based cameras. Knowing ahead of time could reduce accidents in these areas. Other points of interest will be available through ESCORT’s website later this year. The 9500Ci also comes standard with a Mark Location feature, allowing users to manually mark anything for future reference, including school zones or known speed traps.

In addition to ESCORT’s standard bar-graph display, “ExpertMeter”, which identifies the band and relative signal-strength on up to 8 signals simultaneously, and “SpecDisplay”, which provides specific numeric frequency received, the PASSPORT 9500Ci features a new “SpeedAlert” feature. In this mode, the 9500Ci will display the vehicle speed during the first few seconds of an alert. This allows the driver to quickly look in one place and determine if they need to adjust their speed.

“Bottom line, this detector provides the earliest possible warning of true threats, while automatically eliminating false alerts through our artificial intelligence. It’s truly the Mac Daddy of radar and laser detectors,” added Coomer.

The PASSPORT 9500Ci will be available direct from ESCORT and through its dealer base in the spring. The suggested retail price will be $1,999.95 and professional installation is recommended. Consumers can call toll-free 1-800-433-3487 for more information or to place an order.


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