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Hillary Clinton: Will Bill Clinton Be America’s First Man?


If Hillary Clinton wins the presidential race does that mean that her husband, Bill Clinton will be the First Man in the White House? Hillary Clinton was the first lady when Bill Clinton was president so it follows that Bill will be First Man of the 2009 White House. In an effort to get some internet input, visited forums, news groups and chatrooms around the net. It turned out to be pretty interesting.
Here’s a snippet from one chatroom discussion: “ So, if Hillary Clinton becomes president, that will make Bill Clinton the First Man...that seems weird.”

CyberStar: “Well, you couldn’t call him First Lady!”“True...ahh, how about First Gentleman?”

CyberStar: “That would be more correct because Hillary Clinton was First Lady and not First!”“What do you think the first act Hillary Clinton would do as our new president?”

CyberStar: “Hire all male interns!LOL;O!” “(laughing)Yea, right,very funny. What would Clinton’s next act be...stop the war in Irag and bring the troops home?”

CyberStar: “No...the war has sort of cooled down and right now; the failing economy in America is the top issue...Hillary would work on that right away.”

Leaving the chatroom, went to an internet forum full of internet marketers and started this thread: “As internet business people, how would you advise Hillary and Bill Clinton as to repairing America’s failing economy, should they win the White House?”

NetSuccess: "That’s easy, but most politicians don’t seem to get it. I would advise both Clintons to take job control away from the huge corporations who seem to rule the lives of Americans. Americans are first of all, individuals a
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vide them with jobs...the individuals would take their welfare into their own hands. With several million corporate workers making their own jobs, the huge corporations would soon be starving for employees and would be forced to pay hirer wages and better benefits to those who chose to work for the huge giants while those who chose to create their own jobs would fire up the economy because they would, too, need employees to help them with their individual businesses"

AdwordsWoman: Hi guys...nice thread going on here, this evening. I got a couple cents worth to put in here, maybe Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton will read this. Few politicians seem to notice that there is a revolution going on and it is not just in the United States, but world-wide. Yes, it is the internet revolution, a revolution that is full of all kinds of freedoms, especially the freedom to have your own business and be your own boss. Already there are hundreds of millions of computer owners with access to the internet and the world wide web, billions of dollars are being spent and millions of people are logging on everyday...we are in the midst of a huge revolution that cannot be controlled or owned by any huge,giant corporation...The internet’s economy is sound and growing by leaps and bounds every day and will only get bigger and better! All you internet marketers here in the forum this evening...I know you have a lot to say about this topic"

E-BayPowerhouse:“Hi, everyone, nice thread going on...Hi, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton(hope they read this)...Yes, there really is a huge revolution going on a gentle, healthy one that won’t quit...yes, it is the Internet Revolution. The internet offers so much opportunity and has made it easier than ever for people of all types and skill levels to earn a substantial income and achieve success. Opportunity abounds regardless of where you live, or what car you drive or any of a number of possible factors that some may consider roadblocks. You don’t need to join a country club or pass an entrance exam or need a degree from college;.you can even be high school drop out and do this. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to build websites and earn a living as a web publisher. In fact it is one of the easiest ways to earn a living and almost anyone who isdedicated can become successful!”

GoogleGuy:"Hey all...nice thread...Do you think that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton really will read this? Wow, that would be different, anyway, here’s what I got to say about this thread:On the internet you are what you deliver - not what someone sees in your DNA, or how big your bank account is or what you look like. It
doesn’t matter what your religion is or what color your skin is. We all have the same opportunities as everyone else out there because in this respect the internet is blind to anything other than what we share with the world. Success is based on what you do and what you give to the world. You need to learn the basics of starting your internet business before going can be easy if you find the right blueprint that takes you through it step by step"

YouTubeLady:" Hi all...nice words GoogleGuy...If Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are reading this, maybe they will make it a plank in their political platform!?...A career in web publishing gives you a ton of freedom and allows you to create your own style of working. Regardless of your style,there are a few things you can’t avoid and one of them is you do actually need to work! And by work I mean do the things that actually make you the money! Not waste time on things that give little or no return! For example, reading email or surfing websites does not make you any money. Even research and education do not make you money - it’s putting things into ACTION that make you money.
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