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New Book, "The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World", Gives People Simple Tools for Changing Their Lives and the Planet


Los Angeles, CA (11/6/2007) -- A powerful new book, titled “The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World” by Jackie Lapin, gives people step-by-step guidelines on how to begin Consciously Creating their lives—instead of leaving it to “destiny”—and then, with those same tools, shows them how to participate in shaping the future of the planet. The book is due out on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

“If you raise your personal energy vibration, you are a powerful engine for change in your own life, in your immediate world and the planet,” says author Jackie Lapin. “You can begin manifesting what you want in your life, rather than Un-consciously attracting things you DON’T want. When you become the architect of your own life, it is only a short step before you can then aid in creating a better world.”

“An astonishing book! This is the first paint-by-the-numbers approach to creating a personal and planetary life that is abundant and happy for all,” said Dr. Joe Vitale, author “The Attractor Factor,” star of “The Secret”, of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World.

This Empowering Manuel for Personal and Global Transformation, which is a finalist for the USA Book News’ “Best Books” award, gives individuals a choice of letting life happen to them or taking charge. As humanity awakens to its infinite power to Consciously Create and mold the future, we are part of a sweeping movement that has the ability to transform the world by harnessing our personal energy.

Your thoughts, emotions, intentions are the energy vibrations that ripple out into the world and:
- Impact your day-to-day life (love, money, health, home, personal freedom, professional success, etc.)
- Impact the world around you (harmonize relationships, improve working conditions at your job, ease the way in achieving your goals, transform the people in your life, change your community, etc.)
- Impact the global (aid in creating global peace, returning the planet to a healthy climate, feeding the world’s people and ending poverty, etc.)

This masterful book makes “personal frequency management” a cornerstone of its message, blending consciousness, science and practical application in a way no other book has. It reveals the vast number of scientific studies that demonstrate that we can and do change the future! And then empowers people to learn the techniques of Conscious Creation, take charge of their own future and then apply the same skills to the future of the world.

Using the tools in this book to Consciously Create in your life, you will be able to: fulfill specific desires, wants or needs, influence outcomes, change the dynamics of relationships, enhance the ease of life, manifest more time for personal enjoyment, transform your personal environment, become more self-fulfilled, increase your career/professional success and satisfaction and enhance your ability to find the right soul-mate or partner.

With The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, you can:
- Learn the numerous ways to increase your personal frequency and how to easily achieve your highest vibration and become a “High Frequency Flyer!”
- Get an inside look at the 25 Guiding Universal Principles that support your success in consciously creating 24/7.
- Discover the one vibration in the Universe that is more powerful than any other that you can access on a consistent basis.
- Spot the “negative energy habits” that are blocks to effective manifesting and obstacles in personal growth and how to release them.
- Achieve mastery over your words so that you stop sending mixed energetic signals into the world and manifest undesirable consequences.
- Learn how to set the right course for conscious creation, rather than suffering the boomerang of your unconscious deeds.
- Find out how to marry vision with action to magnify the speed and power of change in your life.
- Find out how to safely let go of “control” and learn how to achieve the deepest level of trust that you can create what you truly desire.
- Acquire the essential techniques of Conscious Creation and visualization to hone and speed up your manifesting skills.
- Help to manifest a world that is free of hate, war, rage, hunger, and environmental destruction...a world of peace, love, cooperation among all races and beliefs, abundance for all and environmental stability.

The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World offers 17 beautifully evoked “Visions for a Better World,” that the reader can use for visioning or meditating. (An audio CD of the “Visions” is sold separately as a companion to the book for those who wish to listen to it during meditation.) Included are visions for peace, for leadership, for an abundant world, for health, for human rights, for compassion, for the natural world, and for humanity.

Lapin encourages motivated people to join with other like-minded Conscious Creators in United World Healing (, the international organization she founded that is committed to uniting people for worldwide simultaneous, synchronized visions to create a healthier and more compassionate world. United World Healing’s first global online ‘Vision-In’ is scheduled for November 9, 2007.

The author urges people to become “Actionaries,” blending both vision and personal action in the world to effect change. She offers an extensive list of ideas that readers can use as a starting place to begin their role as “Actionaries” in their neighborhood or on a global scale.

For her efforts to rally the world to Consciously Create its future, Lapin is being called “Earth’s Cheerleader.” She maintains a blog to spotlight acts of Conscious Creation and to laud those who are using it to be agents of change. Lapin travels the world teaching Conscious Creation and speaking on the power of transformation. Prior to embarking on her current quest, Lapin was a nationally respected media relations consultant, at one time operating one of the nation’s foremost sports, entertainment and special events PR firms with offices on both coasts. She is a two-time author, who has taught at the University level and is considered a very successful “serial entrepreneur.”

Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, said of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, “If you’re ready to create your personal world into a veritable ’Garden of Eden,’ read, drink in deeply these profound insights and together let’s positively change the world.”

The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World will be available in bookstores and on It carries a retail price of $15.99. The Audio version of the book, priced at $39.95, and a CD of the book’s Visions at $24.95, can also be ordered from

To learn more about Jackie Lapin and her book, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, visit


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