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Baby Boomers Flock To Coastal Vacations’ Most Successful Business Model


Los Angeles California based Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Dean Marino provides what many say is the perfect plan to help baby boomers retire in style. Baby boomers are flocking to his Coastal Vacations business model in record numbers. Marino’s business delivers just the right combination of 6 figure income potential, luxurious complimentary and deeply discounted vacations, a proven easy to learn business system with massive support, and the freedom boomers crave.

It is a direct sales business, not multi-level marketing. The product is in high demand and has an extensive track record for quality. Boomers love it because it does not require personal selling. An informative website explains it all at

Marino explained, “Baby boomers need to get busy when it comes to retirement planning, but they still want to have fun. Those who don’t just stick their head in the sand and ignore their situation will need to get into a hurry up offense mode for nest egg building.”
The top level Coastal Vacations Director hosts live conference calls and coordinates training for the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group in the 14 year history of the Coastal Vacations program. He started his travel business after 22 years in the auto finance industry where he often worked 80 hour work weeks. Last year Marino enjoyed 28 vacations.

Marino says, “Baby boomers are that large segment of the population born between 1946 and 1964. They are known for their desire for instant gratification, and baby boomers are barreling full speed ahead toward retirement with one big difference. Their instant gratification lifestyle got them the new car, the new home, the new high definition TV when they wanted it, but they have saved a much smaller percentage of their income than any previous generation.”

The top level California Director explained that some boomers will retire much later in life, or cut back their lifestyle, but many are planning to continue living their robust lifestyle by increasing their income with a home based business.

Trend experts say that huge numbers of baby boomers are looking to start a home based business. The problem is, most businesses are poorly suited to the baby boomer. Most of these businesses require personal selling and 95% of the boomers don’t know how to sell. Most of them don’t want to learn how to sell, but if they move forward, that is a new skill set for them to master to succeed.

Marino explained, “In addition to selling skills, most baby boomers have not owned a business before, and with most businesses that means lots of hats for them to wear. In addition to the marketing required in any business, they will need to be the salesperson, follow up expert, new member trainer, product procurement manager, copywriter, accountant, and webmaster.”

Business failure statistics indicate that the overwhelming majority who try the do it all yourself home based business fail for two main reasons (1) They simply can’t master all the new skills they must learn, or (2) They just don’t have the time to learn all the new stuff and make it work"

Marino says his hybrid business with the Coastal Sales Center allows boomers to enjoy all the benefits of owning a profitable business without all the headaches. It meets all the requirements for the ideal home based business for boomers.

Unlike multi-level marketing (MLM), Marino’s business model allows new associates to earn profits of $1000 and $3000 their first day. The ability to earn large commissions quickly and utilize complimentary and deeply discounted vacations right away appeals to the boomer’s desire for instant gratification.

Over 95% of baby boomers don’t know how to sell, and don’t have the desire to learn. Marino’s hybrid business model is in direct sales, but requires no personal selling.

Marino explained that boomers value simplicity. They live in a world of specialization. The Fed Ex driver does not fly the plane and their podiatrist did not perform their heart surgery or dentistry.

With the most successful Coastal Vacations group, boomers get the specialization they are accustomed to. They are taught specialized knowledge in marketing and advertising and later help pass that knowledge on to new members.

While some members of the top Coastal Vacations group return phone calls and lead prospects into the system, they don’t need to perform presentations, finalize sales, or collect funds.. Account executives handle that part of the business for them and send them a check for each sale completed.

Employees at the Coastal Sales Center also ship the travel packages to new members and they also plug those new members into the robust training website and live training so they can start learning to market effectively.

The business model recognizes the boomer’s individualistic nature when it comes to training. A robust website features audio, video, and text training. Members learn from live, interactive conference calls and live conferences. Marino provides proprietary tools, and is available to his group members 7 days a week for individual coaching.

Baby boomers favor longevity and stability over a risky “ground floor” opportunity with a start up that may not survive the first six months. They love that the Coastal Vacations product has roots that go back over 27 years and has existed as a top rated home based business for 14 years. Familiar brand names like Disney, Hilton, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Lines, Avis and Hertz further increase the boomer’s comfort level with the product and business.

Offering a travel product with a solid track record, an ultra successful business model with a simple system and an association with familiar brand names is certainly proving to be a winning combination for the top Coastal Vacations group. Dean Marino offers his valuable report detailing the steps to Coastal Vacations success and a free vacation voucher just for asking at


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