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TEAM HILLARY Lost Opportunity To Purchase Copyrights For "Mi Casa Es Su Casa"


Political Strategy Book Projects $20 Million Boost For Both
Giuliani’s Presidential Bid And The American Red Cross

Washington, DC – October 18 – The Hillary Clinton for President campaign missed the October 16th deadline to obtain copyrights for the political strategy book, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa.” Neither the TEAM HILLARY office in Arlington, Virginia nor the New York City headquarters came to terms with TEAM LOVELACE, the author’s Potomac, Maryland-based management company.
The book is a compilation of political platforms primarily inspired by Democrats but includes strategies from Independents and Republicans. Instead of aligning support for the leading Democratic Presidential candidate, the book endorses the leading Republican candidate, Rudolph Giuliani.
Profits from the book have a dual purpose; raising money for the American Red Cross and raising money for the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign. Available October 27th at for $14.99, each book sold raises $1.50 for the American Red Cross and $1.49 for Giuliani’s 2008 Presidential bid. The book’s release party is planned for November 9th hosted at American University’s campus in NW Washington, D.C.
In addition to Giuliani’s 12 Commitments to the American People, the book outlines economic platforms to transform the U.S. passenger auto industry to electric cars in eighteen months and break the U.S. dependency on foreign oil at no cost to American citizens; reinstate the Draft (enhance the Selective Service System and use military police domestically to augment security at Federal, State and Local police forces; border and port enforcement agencies and assistance in public schools); adjust MEDICARE and MEDICAID practices to avoid bankruptcy; adjust Chinese trade and security imbalances and adjust security incentives in the Middle East – platforms inspired by a variety of individuals including Charles Rangel D-NY, Dr. Michael Savage I-CA, Gov. Schwarzenegger R-CA, President Clinton and current President Bush.
After winning the Mid-Term Elections in November 2006 and taking both Houses of Congress, can Democrats gain enough momentum to take the White House for the first time this century? As Democrats continue to ratchet up the heat and seemingly have Republicans back on their heels, the leading Republican Presidential candidate gets a boost from strategies that unites Democrats, Independents and Republicans. The coalition projects a financial boost for the GOP’s scrappy front runner and possibly arms him with enough Democrat and Independent voters to deliver a “Knockout punch” to retain a Republican in the White House.
“Mi Casa Es Su Casa,” outlines that America needs “fiscally aggressive yet conservative organizational strategy and leadership” and explains that uniting moderate and conservative factions from other political parties doesn’t work without Giuliani’s overall appeal; without his record as an advocate of strengthening police and security or his record as a fiscal conservative who fights for less government control and lower taxes.
Giuliani’s campaign receives roughly half of the book’s royalty proceeds, a projected $20 million with the matching $20 million for the American Red Cross. The books sold objective is 14 million between October 25th and December 25th yielding over $40 million in royalties to be halved. The average compensation for authors is royalties of 10% per book sold (up to 15% for exceptional authors). In this case, the management company arranged to sell and distribute the book through with a special royalty percentage that allows a 10% donation for each organization with the author’s compensation based on benchmarks for books sold. When “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” is purchased for $14.99, pays a royalty of $2.99 – multiplied by 14 million sold.
To sell 14 milion books by year’s end, the total objective is split between political parties. The Republican Party’s base objective (including Young Republicans) is set at 10 million books sold - averaging a two hundred thousand books sold objective per U.S. State. The base objective for Democrats is 3 million books sold with Independents set at 1 million. The bulk of the GOP/Young Republicans’ book sales is expected from October 26th through November 15th; for Democrats and Independents between November 15th and December 24th.
Given successful book sales, is expected to release two record breaking announcements by year’s end: 1) the single-largest dollar amount donated to the American Red Cross by a United States Presidential Candidate and 2) the single-largest dollar amount raised for a Presidential campaign in a quarter with single contributions of $1.49 each.
Section One of “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” outlines the U.S. economy’s return back to the top economic power in the world accomplished by dominating an alternative automotive technology and expanding U.S. security networks in Africa, China and the Middle East. Section Two outlines common sense personal and individual business strategies and personal tips for Americans to build a legacy into daily living.



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