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21 Top Talk Show Interview Guests and Topics:


21 Top Talk Show Interview Guests and Topics:

#1: MOUTHWASH MYTHS: What Really Causes Bad Breath? ABC News has just reported (see transcript below) that some of the most popular mouthwashes on the market may actually CAUSE bad breath. During your Talk Show interview, Dr. Katz of The California Breath Clinics explains the origins of bad breath, the way to get rid of it and the myths that surround mouthwashes and bad breath. One myth Dr. Katz dispels is: People can smell their own bad breath. “NOT TRUE,” says Dr. Katz, who adds, “Even when someone has breath bad enough to knock you over, they still can’t tell they have bad breath. We’re talking about breath so bad a boatload of breath mints--most don’t work, by the way-- toothpaste, and air freshener couldn’t even make a dent.
To schedule an interview with HAROLD KATZ, call: 630-848-0750.

#2: Hillary-Bashing Kid’s Book Gets Rave Review in Washington Times : Grassroots enthusiasm turns HELP! MOM! THERE ARE LIBERALS UNDER MY BED into a surprise bestseller. Success comes in spite of publishing industry skepticism. The Washington Times newspaper has given rave reviews the controversial new children’s book that portrays Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy as cartoon villains taxing and regulating a lemonade stand. (see article below) HELP! MOM! THERE ARE LIBERALS UNDER MY BED by author Katharine DeBrecht is a full-color illustrated book and the first offering from Kids Ahead, a new children’s imprint from World Ahead Publishing. The book is in the top 100 books in Amazon. It even rocketed briefly to #1 on Barnes & Noble’s website and number 6 on
To schedule an interview with KATHARINE DEBRECHT, call: 630-848-0750.

#3: THE HOUSING BUBBLE: “The State of Real Estate” ...Tick, tick, tick…POP!?: THE HOUSING BUBBLE: “The State of Real Estate” ...Tick, tick, tick…POP!? CONTACT: To schedule a media interview on this topic, contact: Special Guests/Christine Dahlson or Jerry McGlothlin at: 630-848-0750. Never before in history have house prices risen so fast, for so long, in so many countries. Property markets have been frothing in the U.S., Britain, Australia, France, Spain and China according to author and CEO Craig R. Smith. "Over the past five years, the stock market has gone nowhere and consumer confidence has evaporated -- yet housing prices, fueled by 50-year-low interest rates, have continued to soar by as much as 60 percent!
To schedule an interview with CRAIG SMITH, call: 630-848-0750.

#4: INFLATION HIGHEST IN 25 YEARS!: The inflation rate for September hit the highest monthly rate in 25 years! (see NY Times article below) Swiss America CEO Craig Smith has been screaming INFLATION from the housetops for the past year during Talk Radio interviews and he currently conducting an “Inflationary Stranglehold” media tour (a.k.a. “I Told You So” tour) in advance of his official book release (Black Gold Stranglehold/Cumberland Press, Oct. 30, 2005 release). In his book, Craig predicted the current inflationary stranglehold (Annualized CPI at about 15%), particularly in the energy sectors. Said Smith, “Today the U.S. Government finally got around to telling us that inflation is the worst in 25 years.”
To schedule an interview with CRAIG SMITH, call: 630-848-0750.

#5: SEXUALLY-ASSAULTED WOMEN TO VISIT CLINTON LIBRARY: CONTACT: To schedule an interview, call: Special Guests, Christine Dahlson or Jerry McGlothlin at: 630-848-0750. SEXUALLY-ASSAULTED WOMEN TO VISIT CLINTON LIBRARY To Raise Awareness of Mistreatment of Women and to Correct The Clinton Legacy Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, women saying they were sexually assaulted by former president Bill Clinton, have scheduled a joint visit the new Clinton Library October 26 in Little Rock, Arkansas to raise awareness of the Clinton’s mistreatment of women and to challenge Bill and Hillary Clinton’s carefully sculpted legacy. Joining them will be Candice Jackson, author of the book, “Their Lives,” that details the former President’s mistreatment of women.
To schedule an interview with CANDICE JACKSON, call: 630-848-0750.

#6: DO OPPOSITES REALLY ATTRACT? : DO OPPOSITES REALLY ATTRACT? We’s all heard the age only saying: “Opposites Attract.” So, to increase the odds of having a successful, long lasting relationship, go for someone very unlike you, right? “NO!!!” insists relationship experts/authors Paul and Emilyann Moses in their new book, Opposite Schmopposite: Opposites Attract but Complements Last. In the book authors the husband and wife team of Paul and Emilyann discuss the fact that while opposites often initially attract, a long term relationship is far more likely to last and to be more rewarding if each partner is similar, not opposite. In fact, the more alike the partners in the relationship are, the more likely the relationship is to last.
To schedule an interview with PAUL MOSES, call: 630-848-0750.

#7: HILLARY HAS COMPETITION! NY MAYOR CHALLENGES HILLARY CLINTON FOR U.S. SENATE: John Spencer, former two-term Mayor of Yonkers, New York, is running against incumbent Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate. During your Talk Show interview with Mayor Spenser, he will tell your audience why Hillary should not be given a second term as in the Senate and more so why she should not make a great U.S. President. Your audience will love the interview. It’s “Everything they ever wanted to know about Hillary but were waiting for someone to ask!” Who is John Spenser? * John Spencer is a former Lt. in the U.S. Army and is a combat decorated Vietnam Veteran. In 1966, Spencer joined the Army and served in Vietnam, where he led a platoon and was awarded the Bronze Star for combat service.
To schedule an interview with JOHN SPENCER, call: 630-848-0750.

#8: IN DEFENSE OF TOM DELAY: Long before Tom Delay’s indictment, President William Greene defended Tom DeLay tooth and nail. A half year ago, in an emailing to a base of over one million grassroots activists, opened with this question: “When’s the last time you’ve seen the ENTIRE LEFT WING come together to gang up on one single person on the right?” That person, of course, was Tom DeLay. Today William Greene is still defending Tom DeLay today and you and your audience may hear his reasons why if you schedule an interview with Mr. Greene. Greene said, “We saw it happen to President George W. Bush during the last election. If there was a vile name the Left could call him, they used it.
To schedule an interview with WILLIAM GREENE, call: 630-848-0750.

#9: NBC ERRONEOUSLY REPORTS PORN SPAM IS “LEGAL” : On August 5, NBC TV’s Dateline aired “On The Hunt,” a segment on unsolicited online pornography ads. Dateline reporter John Hockenberry said, “But this porn invasion is legal.” Hockenberry also interviewed a “full-time spam fighter” who said that if the porn spammer is based in the U.S., “all he has to do is write the phrase ‘sexually oriented’ on the mail and it’s all perfectly legal.” Conducting rebuttal interviews on this topic is Robert Peters, president of Morality in Media, disagrees with Hockenberry about the legal status of online porn spam. Said Peters, “Enacted in 2003, the Can Spam Act (15 U.S.C. 7702-7712) is intended to ‘control the assault of non-solicited pornography.
To schedule an interview with ROBERT PETERS, call: 630-848-0750.

#10: U.N. SEEKS TO CONTROL INTERNET: The Internet represents Freedom. There’s no way we would allow any one person or group control it. No one would dare try to grab control of the entire worldwide Internet…Right? WRONG! Last week the United Nations convened a new group with a mission of charting a path to strip the United States of its control over the technological backbone of the Internet. This new group, called the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), includes representatives from oppressive regimes such as Iran and China, and it plans to formally endorse stripping the U.S. of its historical role when it meets again this fall. Eric M. Jackson – Internet commentator, former executive, and author of the award-winning book “PayPal Wars” discusses the latest in technology and the UN’s gross misuse of it.
To schedule an interview with ERIC JACKSON, call: 630-848-0750.

#11: SAME SEX ADOPTION: Is it good for our culture?: It’s tough to find three more polarizing words in American culture than “same sex adoption.” Depending on one’s perspective, this phrase is either fighting words or the new “norm”. The Boston Globe just ran an article about the Dr. Paul Cameron, the head of the social conservative “think tank,” the “Family Research Institute” of Colorado Springs. In the article (see below), the Globe questioned Dr. Cameron’s research conclusions that ’’Gay Foster Parents More Apt to Molest”. Dr. Cameron is available to be your talk show guest on the topic of Same Sex Adoptions.
To schedule an interview with PAUL CAMERON, call: 630-848-0750.

#12: RETHINKING GOVERNMENT DISPLAY OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: As the U. S. Senate confirmation hearings for Judge John Roberts draws near, court watchers are speculating on how the new Court might rule on everthing from abortion to public displays of The 10 Commandments. Attorney Alan Reinach is conducting talk show interviews reminding Americans that the U. S. Supreme Court has provided all Americans with an opportunity to rethink the wisdom of publicly displaying the Ten Commandments. During the interview, Reinach, an expert in church/state and constitutional issues, explains that some High Court decisions are “double edged swords,” that may be hailed by conservatives today but after they are “etched in stone” may be exploited and/or abused by future lawmakers.
To schedule an interview with ALAN REINACH, call: 630-848-0750.

#13: LUGGAGE, LUGGAGE, WHO’S GOT MY LUGGAGE?: In our fast pace society, it is possible to have breakfast in Brussels, lunch in London and baggage in Borneo. How many of your loyal talk show listeners have experienced the frustration of lost luggage? How many have had significant delays in retrieving their luggage that did arrive? Have you personally had an airline experience that negatively impacted a business trip, family reunion or vacation? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider booking an interview with luggage and transportation expert Richard Altomare. Richard has recently launched a new company with an innovative solution to annoying problem of late or lost luggage.
To schedule an interview with RICHARD ALTOMARE, call: 630-848-0750.

#14: CLOSE US BORDERS TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND POTENTIAL TERRORISTS: William Green head of is conducting Talk Show interviews, alerting Americans….Once again, to the true nature of radical Islamists, who have murdered dozens and injured hundreds of innocent men and women in London. The date of 7/7 -- the day of the London bombings -- will live in infamy with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, as a day when civilization was brutally, bloodily betrayed. We share the sentiments of British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “We are united in our resolve to confront and defeat this terrorism.” But are we doing what REALLY needs to be done to “confront and defeat” the determined, well-organized international enemy who attacks us?
To schedule an interview with WILLIAM GREENE, call: 630-848-0750.

#15: “REALITY ADVERTISING” and Other New Marketing Trends: American Idol, Fear Factor, and other Reality Television shows have paved the way for a new form of television advertising: “Reality Advertising.” According to Special Guest Alan Matthews, most of the “old media” 30 and 60 second television ads no longer work. Said Matthews, “The old short ads worked on the old format programs when there were only a handful of television stations. Now, as soon a media-savvy viewer smells an ad coming on, they click their ‘mote to one of several hundred other channels.” During the interview, Alan shares some of the transitioning media paradigms and how the average homemaker or would be-entrepreneur can capitalize on these emerging trends.
To schedule an interview with ALAN MATTHEWS, call: 630-848-0750.

#16: IDENTITY THEFT: 10 MILLION VICTIMS PER YEAR: It has just been reported that the names and Social Security numbers of 600,000 Time Warner employees appear to have been stolen. This is the latest large scale example of how prevalent identity theft has become. It is estimated that 10 million Americans were the victims of identity theft last year alone. Dot-com guru Eric Jackson is conducting talk show interviews on the topic of identity theft, both online and “low tech” approaches. “Consumers need to be especially careful about online identity theft,” Jackson noted. "While most Internet sites are safe, there are also many pitfalls. The threats range from ’phisher’ emails to Nigerian scam letters thousands of Americans fall victim to.
To schedule an interview with ERIC JACKSON, call: 630-848-0750.

#17: HOW WILL THE NEW BANKRUPTCY LAWS AFFECT US?: President Bush is on a roll. The U.S. Senate is set to pass U.S. bankruptcy laws for the first time in 27 years. But is the new law good for America? Finance and Commerce Expert/Author Eric Jackson is available for talk show interviews to discuss the new bankruptcy laws that will soon be in effect. During the interviews Jackson tells your audience how the bill will impact their families and the economy. CRITICS OF THE BILL SAY: Critics said the measure was a thinly disguised gift to banks and credit card companies, which, they contend, are largely responsible for the high rate of bankruptcies because they heavily promote credit cards and loans that often come with large and largely unseen snares.
To schedule an interview with ERIC JACKSON, call: 630-848-0750.

#18: PAYPAL WARS: BATTLES WITH EBAY, THE MEDIA, THE MAFIA, AND THE REST OF PLANET EARTH: Fifty-six million people use PayPal to send and receive money through the Internet, but few of them know how close the popular payments service once came to destruction. During your interview, Internet and marketing guru Eric M. Jackson tells an amazing story of the meteoric rise of the creative financial giant and how it survived and became a household name against all odds. As PalPal’s first senior U.S. marketing director., Eric chronicles the early roots of the company including how the dotcom’s first year of operation was rocked by three CEO changes, challenged by fierce competition from startups and banks, and even problems with the Russian Mafia!
To schedule an interview with ERIC JACKSON, call: 630-848-0750.

#19: EARTH’S MANTLE SHIFTS!!: Plate Tectonic Movements Have Changed the Map-- and Time! Author/lecturer James I. Nienhuis is available for interviews to discuss the Sumatra quake that U.S. geophysicists say was so powerful that it triggered three profound changes to our planet: 1) Earth’s orbit was rattled, causing Earth to wobble on its axis, 2) Permanent physical alterations made to our regional map and 3) Time on earth shortened by 2 to 3 microseconds! Many experts concur that the 9-magnitude temblor that struck 250 kilometers southeast of Sumatra moved some islands as much as 20 meters or more. With the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in SE Asia, we are again confronted with the awesome power of tectonic plate movements.
To schedule an interview with JAMES NIENHUIS, call: 630-848-0750.

#20: FAMILY-FRIENDLY FILMS: And the LY in the Middle of Hol-LY-wood : FAMILY-FRIENDLY FILMS And the “LY” in the Middle of Hol-LY-wood. Author of “Above the Stars,” Keith Clemons, comments on a noticeable shift toward family films. He gives excellent analysis of what kind of films sell and why. His passion for communication has resulted in the previous publication of two books and more than a hundred articles. But Keith also discusses the darker side of Hollywood, that he calls “The ‘LY’ in the middle of Hol-LY-wood.” Clemons debunks some of the popular HolLYwood myths (a.k.a. lies) including: “We only make what people want.
For an interview with KEITH CLEMONS, call: 630-848-0750.

#21: IS GEORGE BUSH FULFILLING THE ANCIENT ROLE OF JEHOSAPHAT? Has America Ever Been Truly a “Christian Nation”?: “The Prayer of Jehosaphat for America,” by Mike Jeffress is a book that calls for both personal repentance and repentance for our nation. Jeffress contends that a sincere prayer of repentance always reaches the very heart of God for the Bible says, “The sacrifice acceptable to God is a contrite spirit: a humble and contrite heart...” During the interview, author Mike Jeffress not only talks about the power of prayer and the great examples of prayer in the Bible, but he also weaves in plenty of political parallels of ancient times and the current day in which we live. Is there a moral awakening in America today? Says Jeffress, “The 2004 election exit polls with their emphasis on moral values shows emphatically that there is.
To schedule an interview with MIKE JEFFRESS, call: 630-848-0750.

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