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"The Late Great U.S.A" - censored by the mainstream media?


Los Angeles, CA (Sept. 17, 2007) -- As George W. Bush’s plan to create a North American Union between the U.S., Mexico and Canada marches on; as he pushes for amnesty, NAFTA superhighways owned by foreign investors and full access for unsafe Mexican trucks on our roads; as the danger to American sovereignty increases with each passing day, Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Late Great U.S.A: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada” (WND Books, ISBN 0-9790451-4-2, $25.95, July 2007) asks: Why isn’t the mainstream media, with its hatred of Bush, not putting his plan to destroy American sovereignty front and center?

“Here’s the perfect issue to flog Bush with -- and with the facts already at hand in ”The Late Great U.S.A“ the mainstream media wouldn’t even need to bother researching, assuming they ever do,” Corsi comments.

“While the United States is expending blood and treasure in Iraq -- a war so many ’journalists’ are apoplectic about - Bush has left our borders wide open to an illegal alien and terrorist invasion. All the bad guys need to do is walk across the Mexican border -- and they are.”

Yet, while Corsi has become a fixture on talk radio and cable shows, discussing this and many other Bush-generated threats to our great nation, the mainstream media has in effect censored the author by refusing to book him on its major news shows.

Corsi suspects he knows why. “Bush deceived millions of Republican and conservative voters because, as I show in ”The Late Great U.S.A" he is a globalist of the worst sort.

“But so are most of the self-important and narcissistic members of the mainstream media, who believe that submerging this mighty nation into a ’North American Union’ with our endlessly corrupt neighbor to the south and our cowardly neighbor to the north and completely destroying our independence, would actually be a good thing!” It would be laughable if the stakes for the nation and the world were not so high.

“The Late Great U.S.A” documents Bush’s agenda with devastating clarity, even if the mainstream media refuses to report on the danger. From Bush’s support of virtually unlimited Mexican immigration to his administration’s all-out war on the dollar, it’s obvious to Jerry Corsi that Bush is spearheading a treasonous course.

“After devoting literally hundreds of hours to researching ”The Late Great U.S.A“ one thing has become crystal clear - George W. Bush’s goal is nothing short of selling our great nation out to the Mexicans and the Chinese, no matter what the cost to the average American or to our future as a nation.”

But thanks to the new media and talk show hosts around the country, the message is getting out. “Despite an obvious mainstream media boycott, ”The Late Great U.S.A“ has become a New York Times bestseller. Citizens across the country are waking up to the dangers we face from the Bush administration and its determination to destroy our nation’s sovereignty and independence,” asserts Corsi.

And as more treasonous outrages come to light, Corsi believes that “we can expect to see even more citizens engaged in what’s shaping up to be an epic struggle for the very soul and future of our nation.” This is a battle we cannot afford to lose -- even if the mainstream media is again rooting for the wrong side.

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