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Ten questions the media should ask Hillary Clinton


Los Angeles, CA (August 20, 2007) -- We all know how hard-hitting the mainstream media are when it comes to Hillary Clinton – not!

In the interests of spurring some actual discussion about Hillary’s qualifications to be president, Thomas Kuiper, author of the Hillary quote book “I’ve Always Been A Yankees Fan: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words” (World Ahead Publishing; paperback: $12.95; ISBN 0974670189) shared with WorldNetDaily (, the web’s most popular independent news site, the ten questions he wishes someone would ask Hillary Clinton.

1. In May of 2002, you went on the floor of the U.S. Senate and held up a copy of the New York Post, which had the headline “Bush Knew,” implying that President Bush had advance knowledge of the 9-11 attacks, but did nothing to stop it. Was this a responsible thing for a U.S. senator to do, implying that the president allowed the 9-11 attacks to happen?

2. In 1991, you praised Anita Hill, saying she had “changed history with her courageous testimony.” Do you really believe that Anita Hill was sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas? And if so, what is your opinion of powerful men who use the power of their positions to sexually harass younger, vulnerable women?

3. In 2001, you accused the Bush administration of adding arsenic to the nation’s drinking supply. (You said, “How can the Bush administration justify wanting Americans to ingest more, not less, arsenic?”) Can you explain to the American people why you think president Bush would want to add a poisonous element to our drinking supply?

4. In October of 2002, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, you stated that Saddam Hussein had “given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al-Qaida members.” Are you willing to provide documentation of this, especially given the fact that you’ve said President Bush used “faulty evidence” to justify going into Iraq?

5. Your husband is making millions of dollars from speeches, as well as serving on several corporate boards. How will you guarantee that there will be no conflict of interest between his “outside interests” and your administration?

6. Ken Starr replaced Robert Fiske as the independent counsel. Robert Ray eventually replaced Ken Starr. Fiske has recently said about Starr’s Whitewater investigation, “Everything I would have done, Ken Starr did.” Robert Ray stated that your testimony in the White House Travel Office investigation was “factually inaccurate.” Is it still your contention that Ken Starr and the independent counsel engaged in a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” against you and your husband?

7. Republican Rep. Dennis Hastert has stated that during a discussion of health care reform you told him: “People are basically greedy and won’t make the tough decisions. They won’t take their kid to the hospital when he needs to go because they want to keep the money for themselves.” Is the former speaker of the House lying? If he’s not lying, why do you have such a low opinion of parents in this country?

8. Back in the early ’90s, Bob Woodward quoted you as saying, “I believe in evil and I think that there are evil people in the world.” Instead of talking about Islamic terrorists, you were referring to people who were opposed to your health care reform plan. Having seen actual evil at work, do you still believe that people who are against health care reform are evil?

9. Woodward’s Watergate partner, Carl Bernstein, has a biography about you. In it he quotes numerous Democrats, both on and off the record, speaking of your temper. Considering the fact that so many Democrats have spoken about your temper and poor judgment, do you think you posses the proper temperament and good judgment to be president of the United States?

10. Arkansas businesswoman Juanita Broaddrick has accused your husband of sexual assault. She’s also said that just weeks after the rape, you approached her and gave her a message that she, Juanita, “was to keep her mouth shut” about the rape. Is Juanita Broaddrick lying?

Over to you, mainstream media! But Tom Kuiper isn’t holding his breath.

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