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Yoga, Swami Ramdev Ji and Art of misleading


London 28th July: Whenever any media statement does not goes in favour of famous Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev Ji, he quickly strike back at media saying that media is misinterpreting him (as he claimed happened in reference to Shri Mahatma Gandhi Ji), however he himself found to be giving misleading statement or remain silent on misleading news which serve his interest.

Recently Swami Ramdev Ji organised yoga camps in US ( July 2007) and UK (July 2007) and it is a matter of pride for me being an Indian that Indian yoga teachers are teaching about health and well being to the whole world.

According to news published on Rediff News on 17th July with title ’Yoga has nothing to do with religion. It is not Hinduism’ Raj kumar says “I lost 6 kg after attending two sessions of yoga with Baba Ramdev in New Jersey last week”.

Another news published on NEWSPOST India 1st July 2007 title “Ramdev’s Yoga Brand Launched In America” says people lose weight up to 5 pound of weight just after one session and Swami Ji maintains that effect of yoga are demonstrable and immediate.

Dear Swami Ji, could you please explain how one can lose 6 kg body fat in 2 sessions or 5 pounds after one session of your yoga???

Dear Swami ji, after working in the field of Yoga and Weight loss for many years with due respect I personally challenge your knowledge on weight loss to the extent that I would abandon my whole profession of Yoga practice forever and would become your blind follower if you test this on me and I would be happy to volunteer myself for your one yoga session.

I would like to explain in simple language, to all readers that why people cannot lose 5 pound weight by attending 1 yoga session of respected Swami Ramdev ji.

“We lose weight when we burn more calories than we eat. One pound of body fat equal to approximately 3500 calories. So if you have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories you would lose approximately one pound.

Now for loosing 5 pound weight (as maintains by respected Swami Ji in one yoga session) means that you need deficit of approximately 5 x 3500 = 17500 calories.

A yoga session normally can lose maximum up to 250 calories in one session. How can somebody lose 17500 calories in one session of Swami Ramdev ji???”

Just to explain the further : If you eat higher quantity of salt in your food, then there is tendency of body to retain water in our body and any little weight loss if at all experience in your yoga session, it is purely water loss and not the fat loss but Swami ji never explained this to people.

Another reason body weight also fluctuates over the period of day. Your weight in the morning when you wake up would be different than that after few hours. Weight can reduce naturally and not because of yoga session and you can check it for yourself.
It is impossible that anybody can lose 5 pound body fat just after one yoga session.

Dear Swami Ji, you may please stop making misleading statement about weight loss in your yoga session or remain silent on misleading news just to attract more western people for your yoga camp (because Swami Ji you knew it that women in west are crazy about losing weight and it is big business here ).
However Swami Ji nothing wrong in doing business and making money but not in hypocritical way by using people emotion under the name of spirituality and wearing orange cloths. It did not suits to the person of your calibre unless you want to work as dodge person as your own guru says about you in the news published on webindia dated 6th January 2006 under the heading “Guru Ramdev’s yoga teacher condemns his medicines” that you are commercialising yoga under spiritual umbrella.

No doubt regular practice of yoga along with healthy food helps in balancing the body weight over a period of time and it does not matter Swami Ramdev teaches or not but never in one yoga session 5 pound weight loss and it is matter of shame that respected Swami Ramdev Ji needs to use misleading news to attract western audience in his yoga camp.

Issued in public interest by Subodh Gupta Yoga Trainer based in London


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