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Tsunami predicted to hit the East Coast of America: 25th December 2007


Parable-based evidence has accumulated over several months to warn the East Coast of America of an imminent tsunami. The date was first predicted by showing that the 666th name in the Bible is Solomon, the number of the beast.

Solomon is famed for his wisdom, and it is “common sense” that is identified as the beast. Why? Our common sense wisdom is in direct opposition to teachings such as ‘give up what you have and follow Jesus’. In fact, Jesus’ teachings are perceived as foolishness by our consumer-driven society. Consequentially, All Fools’ Day (April 1st 2007) was the predicted date for an event that will herald an end to the capitalist ideology that is in opposition to following Jesus.

A tsunami hit the Solomon Islands on this date indicating that God is in support of this line of argument, but is giving extra warning to the Americans. The volcanic island of La Reunion (the name implying ‘second coming’) erupted during the following week. This also parallels the method by which the tsunami is predicted to be generated, from the unstable volcanic island of La Palma.

The East Coast of America was not affected during the Easter Week, which agrees with the quote “the bridegroom was late in coming” (Matthew 25:5). The additional warning events agree with Matthew 24:27 “for the Son of Man will come like the lightning which flashes across the whole sky from the east to the west” (the Solomon Islands in the East to La Reunion to La Palma to America in the West).

A month before April 1st, the volcanic island of Sicily erupted followed by a lunar eclipse that turned the moon red. The dust cloud from La Palma is also predicted to turn the moon red. The most likely date for this event is Christmas Day (25th December) 2007. The night of the 24th is the date of a full moon and Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus.

As stated previously, the “Whore of Babylon” is outlined by Hudson Bay (Canada), riding on the Scarlet Beast (Labrador) as described in the Book of Revelation. This suggests that North America is the Biblical Babylon which is predicted to fall when an angel throws something like a large millstone into the sea. When La Palma erupts, the unstable part of the island will fall into the sea resulting in a mega-tsunami that will devastate the East Coast of America. This amounts to a strike at the heart of the culture of capitalism and consumerism that causes widespread poverty and suffering in the world.


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