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Coastal Vacations Consumer Advocate Warns Of Money Scam


Los Angeles California based Coastal Vacations Director and consumer advocate Dean Marino has issued a Coastal Vacations scam alert.

Marino is hearing from consumers contacted by people identifying themselves as Coastal Vacations directors. Marino reports that the Coastal Vacations money scam involves proposed payment plans.

Coastal Vacations scam victims reportedly have entered into payment plan arrangements to purchase Coastal Vacations travel membership packages. The Coastal Vacations scam victims are led to believe that they will be able to make the payments out of profits they will make from selling Coastal Vacations travel membership packages.

Scam victims find that they are unable to earn profits selling the Coastal Vacations travel membership packages because they get little or no support from the person they entered into the payment plan with.

Scam victims do not receive Coastal Vacations travel membership packages until their payments are completed. Payments are rarely completed because there are no profits to pay them from.

In the end, the Coastal Vacations money scam victims have nothing to show for the money they paid.

Coastal Vacations scam victims do not have a travel package. They do not have the profitable home based business they thought they would have.

What the Coastal Vacations scam victims do have is a bad taste in their mouths and feelings of failure.

Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino cautions potential new business owners that they must know who they are turning over their hard earned money to. Some scam artists are content to keep the $700 or $800 profit and disappear.

Even if the scam artists are actually independently involved with the Coastal Vacations program, they know that the scam victims have little chance to succeed in the Coastal Vacations business.

The Coastal Vacations scam victims were low on cash to begin with and the traditional Coastal Vacations business model teaches them that they must go buy leads and start calling them to make any money. What money will they use to buy leads? Who will teach them what to do with the leads if the scam artist has taken off with their money?

Marino explained that a big part of the problem is that those looking to start a Coastal Vacations wholesale travel business often send cashierís checks and wire money to people they have only met over the phone and donít really know. Marino is tired of hearing about people loosing good money for no good reason and he has a solution.

It is important that new members in the Coastal Vacations program know exactly where their money is going. It is equally important that these budding entrepreneurs have all the training, help and support in place when they start a new business.

It is really quite simple. The largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program is the Coastal Sales Center group in Tempe Arizona.

The top Coastal Vacations group has experienced amazing growth over the last 2 years because they provide top notch training, and stellar support. Massive support, like no other in the entire home based business arena comes from a full time staff they maintain at their Tempe Arizona office.

When entrepreneurs join with the Coastal Sales Center, they send funds directly to the top group. Checks are made payable to Secure Business Solutions, the company that owns the Coastal Sales Center.

Account executives at the Coastal Sales Center will also gladly process credit cards over the phone. That is the way legitimate businesses operate.

Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino hosts live conference calls for the top Coastal Vacations group. Because getting maximum support is the backbone of every successful Coastal Vacations member, Marino also coordinates training for the top Coastal Vacations group.

Membership with the Coastal Sales Center can be purchased for as little at $795. Along with what many consider the best support system in the home based business arena, members get great travel benefits that include complimentary vacations, cruises and access to deeply discounted luxury condo stays.

Marino explained that the live and archived training along with the services of the Coastal Sales Centerís full time staff is the best support system he has ever seen. Independent observers agree.

For those members that partner with Marino, he takes the robust support system to the next level. Members of Marinoís Coastal Vacations group have access to his one-on-one teaching, coaching and mentoring 7 days a week.

No one can put a price on the ability to work closely with a successful Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director with Marinoís experience,

Marino also provides his proprietary marketing materials to his personal group members. His membership kit includes 3 CDís, a DVD and printed marketing samples that many say are priceless.

Top level Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino is offering his valuable report detailing the steps to success in the Coastal Vacations business free of charge to visitors at his website just for asking. To get the report and a complimentary vacation voucher valued up to $400 go to HTTP://WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .


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