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Functional Chewing Gum" ...Improved Delivery Systems for Nurtraceuticals Revolutionize the Supplement Industry


“Functional chewing gum” is not really new. The concept of using chewing gum to deliver drugs has been around for quite a while. The nicotine gum is a good example. The supplement industry is now embracing this idea.

What is advantageous about functional gum, when applied to supplements, is that the actual amount of active ingredient needed to achieve equivalent results is greatly reduced. Approximately 90% absorption can be achieved by chewing gum compared to a modest 20% obtained with conventional supplements. The mouth is lined with a capillary rich, highly permeable mucous membrane that enables rapid and near complete absorption.

The implications are huge, and benefit the consumer in more ways than one. Obviously, there is improved efficacy. In addition, with the cost of many “premium grade” ingredients for supplements relatively high, this equates to much better consumer value.

We are already starting to see functional gum products for weight loss, energy, general nutrition, increased metabolism, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, menopause, virility and breast enhancement with variable efficacy.

This phenomonon will no doubt find it’s way into supplementation for children. As children are notoriously unable and unwilling to swallow capsules and tablets, the chewing gum is a useful and much needed system of delivery for them. The overall convenience and enjoyability of using sugar free great tasting chewing gum to take supplemental nutrients and herbal remedies can’t be overestimated.

Some industries are out ahead of the pack when it comes to utilizing the functional gum. The weight loss industry is one of the first to jump in with several brands of Hoodia Gordonii diet gum now on the market. Unfortunately, the “bugs” were not worked out when some companies introduced their Hoodia gum products. The amount of Hoodia in them was insufficient.

The authenticity of the Hoodia used in some gum products was left to question. They failed to provide adequate proof the source of the Hoodia used as being South African by publishing a current CITES. They did not publish any third party laboratory test results to authenticate the Hoodia in the gum either. These two things are crucial for any Hoodia product.

The more recent Hoodia gum product on the market like NuTrimU by NutraEnterprises LLC and Slimatrim buy Dietary Formulae Inc have addressed these issues satisfactorily,with increased Hoodia content, as much as 500mg per piece. They have also addressed the authenticity issue by publishing their CITES and 3 Alkemists Lab test results for the Hoodia used.

There is more than one company already making herbal breast enhancement gum with Pueraria Mirifica (organic cultivar grade) in Japan now. It is so popular that it is sold in convenience stores. More on that later.

What is important for the consumer to know at this point, is that the same thing applies to these new gum procucts, as does currently available traditional supplements. Quality varies and NOT all are created equal.

Ensuring effective “active ingedients” is of particular concern in chewing gum products. Why? Normal gum making requires that high temperatures or boiling, be used. Herbs and many naturally occuring compounds can not arbitrarily be heated and still maintain integrety. Simply put, heating will “kill” the acitves. Unless care is taken in manufacturing of these gum products, there is likely to be less than effective products showing up on the market.

It is one thing to create gum that contains a small amount of questionably active ingedients. It is quite another to create gum with adequate, effective amounts of the actives, guaranteed to be “alive and well” in the finished product.


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