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Napoleon Hill Reveals Coastal Vacations Success Key


Coastal Vacations Director and conference call host Dean Marino and ďThink And Grow RichĒ author Napoleon Hill have revealed the key to success in the top rated Coastal Vacations home based business.

While hosting a conference call for the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program, Marino revealed that members have experienced more success over the last 2 years with a simple principle uncovered by Hill in his landmark 1937 book.

Marino revealed that Coastal Vacations members have more success with the specialized knowledge taught by the ultra successful Coastal Sales Center.

It took Hill 20 years to complete his project. It took 10 years for someone to introduce a Coastal Vacations business model that not only teaches specialized knowledge but allows members to put it to work for them.

Marino explained that traditionally, home based businesses like Coastal Vacations required members to master skills in several different areas. Members needed to buy or generate leads, prospect, follow up, leave answering machine messages, sell, close sales, collect funds, fulfill product orders and teach new members how to chase leads the way they chased them.

Now, Coastal Vacations Sales Center members experience more success by simply learning and implementing the specialized knowledge taught by Marino, other Coastal Vacations leaders and guest trainers.

Coastal Sales Center members use leverage to put specialized knowledge to work for them. These successful Coastal Vacations members donít need to perform any personal selling.

Members of the top Coastal Vacations group work smart, not hard. A full time staff in Tempe Arizona handles many of the details for Coastal Vacations Sales Center members so they donít have to.

The Los Angeles California based Coastal Vacations Director explained that employees at the Coastal Sales Center do everything from taking calls to explaining the products and business to following up, finalizing sales, collecting funds, and plugging new members into their state of the art training system. Employees at the Coastal Sales Center even ship travel membership packages to the new members.

Marino explained; "Itís amazing that most home based business models continue to try and teach members that they have to do it all themselves. Most people have not owned a successful business before and donít like selling.

ďThose who have failed with traditional home based business models say itís an arduous task to learn and master all the skills needed. Most people donít possess the skills or have the time to learn and master everything. The result is an alarming statistic in the home based business arena---95% of all new home based business owners never earn a profit. Not one red cent.Ē

The Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director noted that specialization is the norm outside the home based business environment. He explained; ďThe Fed-Ex truck driver doesnít fly the plane or sort packages. The podiatrist doesnít perform heart surgery or practice dentistry, and travel agents donít fly planes, operate trains, or clean hotel rooms.Ē

Marino does not understand how people are easily suckered into believing that they can experience home based business success by learning and mastering a host of new skills in a short period of time. Learning to sell and close sales at thousand dollar plus price points effectively can take years.

For most new home based business entrepreneurs, their Coastal Vacations business is a part time venture for them. Many already work 30, 40, 50 or more hours outside the home. They never seem to find the find time to read books, attend seminars, and take classes to learn all the new skills they will need.

Coastal Sales Center members know they can trust the proven system.. For over 2 years, employees at the Coastal Sales Center have helped Coastal Vacations members achieve success. Their unique and ethical business model has quickly made them the top Coastal Vacations group.

Employees at the Coastal Sales Center are not members of Coastal Vacations. That would be a huge conflict of interest.

Coastal Sales Center employees use a transparent system that allows members to follow their progress in real time. Coastal Sales Center employees donít work at home. They work in an office building in Tempe Arizona and are supervised by a full time sales manager.

In addition to his conference call duties, top level Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino coordinates training for the top Coastal Vacations group. His valuable report on achieving Coastal Vacations success is available at no cost to visitors at WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .


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