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Chinese Girl Realizes American Dream through her Tom Cruise Book


A small village of China.
The big dream of America.
In between is Tom Cruise.

“It’s Tom Cruise that inspired me to come to the U.S. from a small village of China to pursue my own American dream,” says Niki Yan, the young Chinese writer/actress who just finished a book “My Love for you, Tom Cruise -- a Desperate Chinese girl’s Confession.” This insightful and inspirational fun book is devoted to the person who changed her life forever -- Tom Cruise, the Hollywood movie star who has been her hero and role model since she was 11 years old.

“I am so lucky that I had a model that I could follow since I was a little girl. We were really poor, and we lived in a small mountain village of China, which had no water, no electricity, life was very limited and difficult, so as a teenager, I had a dream, and the dream was coming to America one day and live in my dream as a writer and actor. And that was Tom Cruise who gave me the power and determination to do so. When I grew up, I could not communicate with other kids, cause their world was just the small village, but I wanted to fly, to do ”Top Gun,’ to fly in the unlimited sky. He taught me miracle does exist if you try hard enough"

Well, the question is how Tom Cruise, the popular Hollywood star, changed a small village girl’s life in China? You may wonder how this happened. Well, believe or not, it is only because of the 1986 hit -- Top Gun.

“It was very difficult to watch movies in the remote country side, not even to mention big Hollywood movies,” Niki recalls, "but the chance did come. One day, a family in a richer bigger village was celebrating their new born baby boy, so they showed a film, and that was ’Top Gun.’ I went there with my grandpa, and I was only 11 years old. They played the movie outside with the old-fashion way: a white screen was hanging between the trees, people sitting on their stools all over the place. I was fascinated. I never saw something like this. It was the first time I watched a movie, and it just happened to be ’Top Gun.’

“Of course I did not know who the star was, I never heard the name of Tom Cruise, but I did know that my life is going to change just because this determined guy from another side of the world. And I told myself that I will have to go to America one day and live in my dream just like him.”

Now her dream has come true. She is living in her dream every day, and doing exactly what she wanted eight years ago. Her life is led by the faith and courage just like Tom Cruise.

“Tom Cruise made me believe that dream does come true. After the ’Top Gun,’ and I started finding all his movies and his story -- it’s just inspiring to me, he came from nothing, his father left them when he was in a young age, and he grew up poor but he never lost his hope. I love people like that, always positive. This book is about love, dream, and hope, it’s about life. I want to show the world that the miracle does exist, it’s all about the power of the mind. I used all my heart to tell this world my own story with Tom Cruise; it’s touching, original and inspirational,” Niki says with great enthusiasm.

Yes, this book is the perfect expression of love, dream, and hope. It focuses on how Tom Cruise, a super star with a compassionate heart became the role model of a young talented Chinese girl who came to Los Angeles to look for her own American dream. It’s funny, fun, insightful, and sincere. The author reveals her personal story and experience with Tom Cruise, and wrote with passion and unique vision. It’s about how one can achieve his/her ultimate dream. It’s about miracle. It’s about totality possibilities. It’s about how impossible can become possible. This book is going to change your life, no matter if you are 40 or 14, if you still have a dream, you have got to read this book.

Because of a childhood dream, Niki started following her dream in early age, she started being creative since 11 years old, and she published her first book when she was 13 and got a special offer by the #1 University in China–Peking University due to her creative achivement. “It’s all because Tom Cruise, I can’t imagine where I would be now without his inspiration. He made me go to the best university in China and come to America. Keep in short, he made me do exactly what I always wanted to do. Tom Cruise to me is like Scientology to him -- Tom said how Scientology changed his life, and I want to tell him how much he changed my life. It’s to do with determination, it’s to do with faith and love.”

Niki now lives in Hollywood, the author of 6 books, and this book is her first book in English. She also finished a screenplay, which also was inspired by Mr. Cruise. Niki expects Tom Cruise to star in it.

“Dream does come true -- American dream does come true. I always told myself, if not because of Tom, I would probably still live in that small village of the third world country and just like all other girls I grew up with, married in the early age and never know how big the world is.” She blinks her black shining eyes with great gratitude. “I was lucky, very lucky cause one person changed my life all the way around. Now I am living in my American dream everyday, and this book is just a start, cause my ultimate dream is to make movies.”

Niki said a lot of publishers are interested in publishing the book, but she wants to find the most enthusiastic publisher to make it a bestseller. “Actually I already know this book is going to be a bestseller, cause it’s for everyone, no matter you like Tom Cruise or not, as long as you ever had or still have a dream, you got read it. It’s so inspirational, and it’s going to change your life.”

What more can I say? When I’m facing this ambitious young artist who came a long way from a third world country who already have several books published and went to the Chinese Harvard when she was in such a young age, I am speechless. I think her life, as itself, is already a legend.

About NIki:

Niki Yan, writer/author/actress/dancer, born and raised in China. Her work appeared in many magazines and newspapers both in Taiwan and China since a teenager; Published first book when she was 13 ( poetry and prose , about 200).got special admission by the #1 Univ. in China – Peking University due to her creative achievement.

The author of 6 books, including three novels. One of the fictions: “Upstream River” is going to be translated and published in the US.

She also finished her first movie script for Tom Cruise, and it’s called “Windflower”, and she expects Tom star in it.

“My love for you, Tom Cruise-- a Desperate Chinese girl’s confession.” is her first book in English.

Contact Niki: Stonesky2004 [at aol [dot com; 323-464-0418;


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