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Opened The World’s First Free Emailgram Service by Web.

WEBWIRE has opened a Free web-based Emailgram service dated on May 25, 2007

Emailgram transmits ’Only plain text’ email messages by web without attachments, images and HTML formats in order to protect users PC from viruses and spams.

Only ’Clean and safe’ messages are acceptable to deliver.

MsMee’s Emailgram engine was made by ’C’ language.

It’s not only stronger, but also about 30% faster than even Google Search Engine.

The reason why the company has developed this kind of service is as below (a key member of the company says) ;

1. Many E-mail programs, usually the programs that come with browser packages, allow users to include binary attachments (MIME or other encoding) or HTML (normally found on web pages) within their E-mail messages.

This makes URLs into clickable links and it means that graphic images, formatting, and even color coded text can also be included in E-mail messages.

While this makes users’ E-mail interesting and pretty to look at, it can cause problems for other people who receive the E-mail because they may use different E-mail programs, different computer systems, and different application programs whose files are often not fully compatible with each other.

Any of these can cause trouble with in-line HTML(or encoded attachments). Most of the time all they see is the actual HTML code behind the message. And if someone replies to the HTML formatted message, the quoting can render the message even more unreadable.

In some cases, the message is nothing but strange looking text. For this reason, many mailing lists especially those that provide a digest version, explicitly forbid the use of HTML formatted e-mail.

2. HTML or MIME messages are larger and more wasteful than simple text messages. Using HTML or MIME in E-mail messages makes the messages larger in size by a mimimum of two thirds to more than twenty times.

These will take longer to download and they take up more storage space than standard plain text E-mail messages.

3. HTML or MIME messages leave or include unwanted files (attachments) on the machines of the recipients of these messages.

4. Embedded HTML or MIME attachments are the number one method of spreading virus, worm or Trojan programs.

5. HTML quickly fills the memory of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants like the Palm Pilot). In addition, many HTML messages are also completely unreadable on most PDAs.

6. Some e-mail recipients may have set their background to something other than white, may have chosen a typeface which they find most readable and adjusted its size in accordance with their visual acuity, normal viewing distance, monitor size and screen resolution. All this fine tuning is completely erased by HTML e-mail.

There are 3 ways to use Emailgram ;

1.The best way : From MsMee to MsMee accounts -100% Safe. 2.Better way : From MsMee to other Email accounts. 3.Good way : From other Email accounts to MsMee.

In addtion, ’Blackbox’ button in ’Write’ page is an excellent tool to recover users ’writings’ lost (or disappeared) by mistake.

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