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Are you ready for Google to collect information on you?


Los Angeles, CA (May 23, 2007) -- Google has become a ubiquitous presence in American life…and an increasingly ominous one, says Joseph Farah, founder of and author of “Stop the Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution” (ISBN - 9780979045103, WND Books, April, 2007) “Today it was reported that Google is gathering more personal data on its users, the better to organize their daily lives. If this isn’t Orwell’s ’Brave New World,’ then what is?”

Farah, a new media pioneer, is a leading Google critic. An entire chapter of “Stop the Presses!” called “Google This!” is devoted to exposing not just the search giant’s wholesale bias towards liberal and liberal causes when it comes to search results, but its complete sellout to Communist China, a nation whose leadership is bound and determined to stymie and censor exactly the kind of information that people use Google to find.

“Here’s a company who sold out to the Communists in return for a buck, but won’t give the U.S. government the time of day when it comes to protecting kids from online predators,” Farah asserts. “Here’s a company that wiped the free nation of Taiwan off its internet maps in a further cave-in to a brutal totalitarian government, one that won’t link to news sources critical of radical Islam, but is all too eager to promote sex between kids and adults.” Not to mention a company that reminds users of Earth Day but not Memorial Day.

As Farah notes in his book “Stop the Presses!” Google’s motto is reputed to be “Don’t be evil,” yet the company sanctions and promotes evil regimes and the evil acts of adults towards kids 24/7. That they want to now collect reams of personal information on its users, the better to direct their lives -- and line company coffers -- should disturb everyone one values their privacy and their online freedom. Google’s astounding wealth and ability to combine web searches with “cookies” that track site visits can only mean a massive invasion of online privacy.

But Google is guilty of yet another transgression in Joseph Farah’s eyes - it is a traitor to the new media. The search giant has sold its soul to the Old Media world in its desire to become a part of the media elite. As Farah notes in “Stop the Presses!”,
“In 2005, Google announced plans to begin giving preference to such establishment news agencies as CNN and the BBC in searches, over new independent media enterprises.” In other words, Google gives preference to those whose “track records” and “credibility” it prefers…virtually always left-wing.

“Google will do anything to placate the world’s most repressive regimes, while intentionally and blatantly enhancing its ability to snoop on citizens in free countries,” Farah asserts. “As I say in ’Stop the Presses!’ Google is becoming a parody of its motto. If bowing down to murderous regimes and spying on individuals isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.”


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