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EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2007: WACKER Presents Novel Dispersible Polymer Powders and Innovative Silicone Products for the Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Construction Industry


Under the slogan “Innovation by Passion,” the Munich-based WACKER Group will be presenting a whole range of innovative product solutions at the European Coatings Show (ECS) in Nuremberg from May 8-10. These will include novel dispersible polymer powders for extremely smooth surfaces and particularly hydrophobic applications, organofunctional silanes for the adhesives and sealants segment, and highly versatile cyclodextrin-fragrance complexes that permit the use of functional fragrances in coatings.
WACKER POLYMERS will be presenting two new VINNAPAS® dispersible powders for complex applications in the construction industry at the ECS in Nuremberg. The new VINNAPAS® LL 4410 L is particularly suitable for formulating self-leveling flooring and troweling compounds, because it produces an extraordinarily smooth, even surface combined with very high abrasion resistance, tensile strength in bending, and compressive strength. A characteristic of the new powder is its excellent defoaming properties, which even enable self-leveling compounds to do without an added defoamer in the formulation. A further advantage is its high tolerance to excess water: the powder has such an outstanding stabilizing effect that no sedimentation will take place even in excess water, and a smooth, even surface forms. Thus, it is suitable both for all conventional applications in the field of self-leveling compounds, such as industrial flooring, and troweling compounds under flexible coatings or tiles.
VINNAPAS® LL 3030 H for hydrophobic applications
A further product innovation to get its first showing at the ECS is the new VINNAPAS® LL 3030 H. Developed by WACKER POLYMERS, this polymer powder features very good hydrophobicity and particularly good mechanical properties. It therefore confers special functionality on products such as joint mortars and plasters and is particularly suitable for outdoor applications or for use in wet and humid rooms.
Cyclodextrin-fragrance complexes for innovative applications in the construction sector
Molecular inclusion in cyclodextrin stabilizes lipophilic, essential oils and/or their functional fragrances, allowing controlled release to the surroundings. Until now, fragrances could not be used in the construction sector, because of their high volatility and chemical sensitivity. With the aid of annular cyclodextrin molecules, WACKER has developed a system that protects sensitive substances and continues releasing them after the coating has dried and set. For instance, the fragrances used may act as growth inhibitors or bactericides/fungicides, or as dog, bird and insect repellents. Thus, for the first time, essential oils and other fragrances can be used in various non-hydrophobic construction applications, such as floor surfacings, plasters, paints, troweling compounds and other coatings and sealants.
GENIOSIL® STP-E: Hybrid adhesives with turbo power
The future belongs to adhesives. They offer the combination of strength and elasticity needed for a broad range of challenging applications. WACKER SILICONES is showcasing its special innovative binders for this type of adhesive: the α-silane-terminated polyethers GENIOSIL® STP-E. These are based on alpha-silanes, whose conventional propylene spacer has been replaced by a methylene spacer and which exhibit extremely high reactivity. This “turbo” effect can be exploited to produce completely novel, fast-curing, one-component adhesives and sealants. Adhesives formulated with GENIOSIL® STP-E possess outstanding mechanical properties, do not require labeling, and are free of plasticizers and solvents. The alpha-effect even permits the formulation of totally tin-free systems – representing a technological leap in user safety. GENIOSIL® STP-E is used in numerous sophisticated adhesive formulations, e.g. in the automotive sector, in container construction and for bonding parquet floors.
Further WACKER product highlights at ECS 2007:

* Total cost management: The WACKER POLYMERS coatings calculator
The ECS will be the launch platform for the coatings calculator developed by WACKER POLYMERS for itself and its customers. This user-friendly program allows the user to quickly cost various coatings in different scenarios in which parameters such as the thickness or coating weight of the coating, and the ingredients employed can be varied individually with regard to quantity and price. Various raw material options and recipes can thus be rapidly compared and evaluated, a fact which substantially simplifies cost management and procurement planning.
* SILRES® HP: Silicone resins protect coating systems against UV radiation and corrosion
SILRES® resins are specialty polysiloxanes that serve as binders or hardeners for paints and surface coatings. The new SILRES® HP product series combines standard characteristics of these silicone resins, such as very high heat resistance, with excellent weatherability. Coating systems modified with SILRES® HP are more resistant to and better protected from aggressive UV radiation, corrosion and chemicals. They are mostly used for applications which have to endure heat, sunlight and moisture, e.g. bridges and roofs, coated containers and pipelines, industrial coatings, marine paints and automotive paints.
* SILRES® BS: Silicone resin emulsion paints for effective facade protection
Silicone resin emulsion paints based on SILRES® BS rank among the latest facade coating systems. The reason for their huge success is the good marriage between the outstanding properties of mineral and synthetic-resin-bound paints. This includes very high water-vapor permeability, very low water absorption and extreme longevity. SILRES® BS products are innovative, environmentally-compatible raw materials for the production of water-repellent masonry coatings, construction chemicals and materials.
* PIOLOFORM®: Polyvinyl butyrals for the surface coatings and printing inks industries
PIOLOFORM® polyvinyl butyrals exhibit excellent adhesion to aluminum foils and plastic films and are therefore the preferred binders for formulating printing inks for flexible laminate packaging. They are flexible, odorless and tasteless and show low solvent retention. Specialty low-viscosity grades can be formulated with readily flowing pigment preparations. PIOLOFORM® is also indispensable in a large number of industrial coatings, such as corrosion-protection primers, masonry paints and plastics paints.
* VINNOL® surface-coating resins: Versatile binders for industrial coatings and printing inks
VINNOL® is the WACKER brand name for a broad range of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymers, both with and without functional groups. They accordingly have a wide variety of uses. All VINNOL® grades can be combined with each other, this fact allowing the coating or printing ink to be customized to the requirements of the application, e.g. for the formulation of gravure and screen printing inks, for inkjet inks, and for metal and metallized substrates, such as heat-sealing coatings. Further applications are plastic coatings, wood varnishes and adhesives for PVC pipes.
* VINNAPAS® solid resins: Polyvinyl acetate for coatings and adhesives applications
Due to their excellent adhesion to various substrates, such as wood, cardboard and metal, VINNAPAS® solid resins are the binders preferred by adhesives manufacturers for solvent-based adhesives. VINNAPAS® can also be used to formulate primers for metallizing packaging or modifying NC coatings. The product range covers homopolymers and copolymers in various viscosities and delivery forms.
* HDK® pyrogenic silicas – flow behavior of liquid and powder coating materials always under control
Pyrogenic silicas from WACKER (brand name: HDK® pyrogenic silicas) are ideal for thickening, controlling powder flow and reinfor-cing coating materials, printing inks, composites and adhesives, as well as many other applications. In the formulation of low-solvent coatings (high solids), such as for automotive coatings and solventless and water-based systems, HDK® pyrogenic silicas offer selective control over coating thickness and leveling. Moreover, HDK® pyrogenic silica improves the storage stability of the systems by effectively preventing pigment and filler sedimentation. In clear coats, HDK® pyrogenic silicas make for high transparency.


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