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2008 Ford Escape Is A Hit With Online Consumers


-“ A winner all the way around!”
-“What a dramatic difference from the older versions!”
-“The build quality is flawless.”
- “It is great to be sitting at a light with no engine noise or vibration, allowing you to listen to the great sound system.”
-“Do yourself a favor and give one a drive.”

Today, in the eighth installment in a series highlighting online consumer reviews of Ford Motor Company’s new products, verbatim comments on the 2008 Ford Escape posted on Yahoo! Autos ( and Edmunds ( are presented. Recently, the Yahoo! homepage ( featured a 2008 Ford Escape advertising “takeover” resulting in more than 500,000 “click-throughs” to the Escape launch Web site, This has been one of the most successful Ford digital initiatives ever in terms of driving traffic back to the product information homepage.

According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2006 New Study SM, 77 percent of new vehicle buyers consult independent online resources during their search for a new vehicle.

1-Ford Should Build Everything This Good! – “I just recently test drove the new Escape, and I think it is much better than the model it replaces. First, the styling is much improved. It has more definition, more character. The seating position is first rate, and all of the controls are easy to find and use. It rides firmly, yet comfortably, and the handling is much improved over the old model. The V-6 ought to be standard equipment on all models; the trade-off between power and economy is very good. What’s more, the price is right, and everything suggests that the Escape will be a great value for the money. The new Escape is now at the top of my new-car shopping list, and I hope Ford can improve all its models the way they improved this one.” – posted to Yahoo! Autos by Keith from Baton Rouge
2- A Good Vehicle, Made Even Better in 2008 – “ Just bought the 2008 Limited, Black Pearl Slate Metallic with the charcoal interior and all the bells and whistles except for the navigation system. This is my third Escape after a 2001 and a 2005. The ‘05 was only two years old so I really didn’t need this but I wanted it and so now it’s in my garage. So far it is miles above the last generation (which was pretty good) in terms of comfort, ride quality, performance and ergonomics. The new interior is a home run and the new ‘butched up’ exterior, which I wasn’t wild about at first, has grown on me and looks much better in person than in photographs. If you can swing it, get the Audiophile speaker sound system – totally worth the extra bucks. A winner all the way around.” – posted to Yahoo! Autos by Rick from Los Angeles
3- A Convenient Solution That’s Ford Truck Tough – “First hybrid vehicle for our family. We have had Ford trucks in the past and this one has the same rugged feel to it. Hybrid drive system seems to be transparent to driver unless you are paying close attention. It is great to be sitting at a light with no engine noise or vibration, allowing you to listen to the great sound system (with DSP). Acceleration is good and does not feel sluggish at all. If you drive cautiously you can keep the gas engine from turning on up to 30 mph! Regenerative braking works seamlessly, and climate control is very capable. I would highly recommend this truck. I have been averaging 34 mpg back and forth to work in mixed highway/city driving.” – posted to Yahoo! Autos by Jeff from Cary, N.C.
4- Best “Bang For the Buck” Hybrid SUV – “Hats off to the ‘08 Escape Hybrid! I had an ‘06 Escape Hybrid 4WD (not loaded) and for $1,500 more I now have a loaded ‘08 Escape Hybrid 4WD. The reason is starting with the ‘07 hybrids, Ford lowered the price. The exterior has a new aggressive look and even makes it appear larger. The new interior design is a plus. I noticed that the cabin is quieter and feels more solid on the road than my ‘06. The new EPA sticker shows a more ‘real world’ estimate because right off I was doing 29 mpg and over on the first tank. It comes standard with dual climate, which is great because my wife is always colder, and an auxiliary jack for the iPod/MP3 addicts, two 12V power points for front and rear users, auto on/off headlamps and tire pressure sensors. The center stack has totally improved: larger touch screen GPS, six CD/MP3 in-dash instead of the changer under the passenger seat, and a high mount info screen (time, date, exterior and interior temperature, bearing). The console is VERY sly! It can hide a 14-inch laptop and power it as well, thanks to the 110V plug right there in the front of the shifter. The center console attachments can be configured in a number of ways for convenience. It’s one of those things you have to see for yourself! This hybrid is one to consider over the pricier Toyota and Lexus.” – posted to Yahoo! Autos by Clay from Vallejo, Calif.
5- Great Changes! – “We have a XLT 4WD and what a dramatic difference from the older versions...especially the interior...thank goodness. This new version is so much better in my opinion. Dramatically quieter and more comfortable and the prices are actually lower than last year’s model. We have some very steep hills in our area with gravel roads. The all wheel drive handles them with ease without any loss of traction. The transmission does all the braking on the way downhill with little effort, saving my brakes the wear and tear. Love this CUV!” – posted to by Rob
6- Well Sculpted, Smartly Organized and Sexy – “I first test drove the Limited V-6 today and plan to buy one. Initial impression is that the overall look is well sculpted and smartly organized, with a sexy black leather interior. Ride is quiet, although a little rough on bad roads. I don’t particularly like a mushy ride, so the feel of the road appeals to me. Seats are comfortable and will serve well on a long ride, as will the Audiophile speaker sound system, tuned to SIRIUS. Quality of interior is immediately noticeable. The only down side is the pebble grain dashboard and need to remove headrests from back seats in order to lay seats flat, although a compartment for storing headrests is provided. Chrome front grille looks a little cheesy. My preference is for a solid color grille. Clean and simple. List of safety features and new extended 60,000 mile warranty is impressive and should coax many buyers that it’s time to come back to Ford. Bottom line ... it looks good and is fun to drive. Sold.” – posted to Yahoo! Autos by Yogidog from the Far North
7- Escape Hybrid Hits the Mark – “I picked up my 2008 Escape Hybrid one week ago. First impressions are excellent. Gas mileage is 36 mpg in mostly city driving. The leather interior is well done. The build quality is flawless. I traded a 2005 Honda Accord because I needed more interior room and better gas mileage. The Escape gave me both. Time will tell if the reliability will match Honda.” – posted to by kpick
8- Good Job – “This is the first new Ford I purchased in 29 years. I traded in a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. In fact the last five new SUVs I purchased were Jeep Grand Cherokees. After two years of driving the 2005 Jeep I had enough of the poor service and lack of concern by Jeep. I was hesitant to purchase and did quite a bit of research before doing so and glad I did. The Escape Hybrid is fun to drive, has better visibility, and the gas mileage is twice that of the Jeep! We did drive the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the bottom line was about the same but I am tall enough that when getting in and out of the Toyota I scraped my head. This is not the case with the Ford. Also, GM has nothing to offer in hybrids.” – posted to by Richard
9- Great Buy! – “I just bought a ‘08 XLT with the SIRIUS Satellite and Moon Roof package. I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s an absolute joy to drive. I have the metallic silver paint with the stone interior. At first, I wasn’t too happy with the inside color, but it has grown on me quickly. It looks really sharp and is easy to keep clean. The two tone cloth seats and convenience package makes it feel more like a luxury vehicle. For this being my first SUV, I love the fact that it feels like I’m driving a mid-size car and I don’t feel like I’m driving a boat down the road. I also love the new all around side curtain airbags. I’m definitely very happy with my purchase and I look forward to driving it for many more years!” – posted to Yahoo! Autos by Melissa from ND
10- Best SUV on the Planet – “After buying this SUV, I got all the money back I paid in federal taxes for the entire year. It is the best hybrid on the road and is great for off-roading. I have the four wheel drive model and I use it every weekend. I have 20,000 very trouble free miles on it in only 4 months. This is the best SUV Ford has ever made and there is NO comparison to the Toyota Highlander. This wins hands down!” – posted to Yahoo! Autos by Frank from San Diego


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