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Coastal Vacations Trainer Dean Marino Predicts Explosive Growth For Coastal Vacations Home Based Business


Los Angeles California based Coastal Vacations Director and conference call host Dean Marino predicts explosive growth to continue for the 12-year-old Coastal Vacations home based business.

Since the ultra-successful Coastal Sales Center was unleashed in the marketplace 2 years ago, membership in the Coastal Vacations program has more than doubled. Over the same 2 year period Coastal Vacations expanded from about 40 countries to over 100 around the globe.

The level 3 Coastal Vacations Director reports that as good as business has been over the past 2 years, he has seen a huge upswing thus far in 2007. The largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program has reported record sales over the first 3 months in 2007.

Travel and tourism is the largest industry in the world at over $7 trillion a year. Industry experts expect the revenue from the travel and tourism industry to reach $14 trillion by the year 2010.

The Coastal Vacations conference call host explained that their are several reasons for the big build up in the travel industry. Marino called one big reason simply, the baby boomer effect.

Baby boomers make up 29% of the population in the United States. Thatís a huge chunk of people and they have greatly impacted American society over the years. As youngsters they created a huge demand for baby formula and schools were built in record numbers to accommodate them. They were behind the boom in the housing market as they graduated from those schools and settled down.

The baby boomers are the most traveled generation in history since they entered the workforce. Over the next 20 years baby boomers will retire. In fact, one will retire every 8 seconds over the next 10 years. As they leave the workforce and have extra leisure time, trend experts say they will have more time to travel---and they will.

7.4 million baby boomers own their own business and baby boomers have demonstrated their love for travel for years. A top rated home based business in the travel industry is the perfect fit for baby boomers. They expect to stay active and travel as they enter their golden years.

Baby boomers are accustomed to the most affluent lifestyle of any American generation. With the advent of easy credit, baby boomers started to enjoy, larger homes, newer cars, and big screen televisions and paid for them later. The income baby boomers can earn from a successful Coastal Vacations business can fuel their desired lifestyle as they retire and they will get to do what they love to do---travel.

Baby boomers are attracted to the stability Coastal Vacations offers. Over 12 years as a top rated home based business and a product with a track record of over 27 years for quality. The most successful business model in the Coastal Vacations program, the Coastal Sales Center has been helping members succeed for over 2 years.

Baby boomers like the fact that Coastal Vacations is not a risky start-up business and familiar brand names like Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Marriott add to their comfort level.

The travel industry is gearing up for the baby boomers. A record number of new cruise ships and the largest cruise ship ever went into service in 2006. More extra large cruise ships are under construction and on order. In 2007, the largest passenger airliner ever built goes into service. The new Airbus A380 can seat as many as 800 passengers. Itís double decked all the way to the tail.

Coastal Vacations and the Coastal Sales Center are uniquely positioned in the travel and tourism marketplace. The products they sell offer a tremendous value.

Resorts sell the Coastal Vacations products and similar products for thousands of dollars more than the top Coastal Vacations group sells them for. Even with the bargain prices of their solid products, Coastal Sales Center members earn an average profit of over $3000 per sale.

Top level Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino is offering his valuable report detailing the steps to success in the Coastal Vacations business free of charge to visitors at his website just for asking. To get the report and a complimentary vacation voucher valued up to $400 go to HTTP://WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .


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