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Coastal Vacations Members Producing Sales With Zero Budget


While others in the home based business arena buy expensive leads, participate in ineffective advertising coops, and struggle to memorize sales scripts, members of the top Coastal Vacations group are producing sales with zero budgets and without making phone calls
A superior system, innovation and education are the hallmarks associated with the ultra-successful Coastal Sales Center. After 2 years, they are the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the 12 year old top rated Coastal Vacations program.

Members of the top Coastal Vacations group are implementing marketing methods they were taught that don’t even require that they have an advertising budget. One member in North Carolina produced 10 sales over 3 months utilizing a completely free marketing method. Another member in Los Angeles got commissions from at least 2 Premier sales and a level 1 sale using a completely different free advertising plan.

Top Coastal Vacations Directors have aligned themselves with the Coastal Sales Center in Tempe Arizona, because they know their members are able to benefit from the best training and support system not only in Coastal Vacations, but in the entire home based business arena.

Many who join a home based business like Coastal Vacations are simply told to buy leads, memorize scripts and start making phone calls. To spur them on, they may hear the motivational phrase; “Go get em”
Those who have experienced failure with a home based business, know that quite often, those scripts and buying expensive leads are the only option they are taught. If they don’t master the sales and closing skills quickly they are doomed to failure.

Los Angeles based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino coordinates training for the top Coastal Vacations group. He attributes his Coastal Vacations group’s overwhelming success to the variety of success paths members are taught.

According to Marino, other home based businesses try to train members like dogs. He says they operate under an erroneous expectation that everyone is the same; “They certainly don’t think the same. Just look at the results of political polls, 48% are voting for one guy, another 44% are voting for someone else. the rest of the votes may be scattered between 8 other opponents and there always seems to be a few people who don’t like any of them and say they plan to vote for Mickey Mouse.”

The Los Angeles based Coastal Vacations Director and training coordinator made a great point. It is simply illogical to think that everyone chooses to start a new home based business at the same age, with the same education and skill levels, with the same strengths and weaknesses and the same life experiences.

It is clear to Marino why the “one size fits all” educational system adopted by others in the home based business arena is not working; “They don’t take into account that each new member brings different life experiences to his or her new business. I encourage new members to draw on their experience to shorten the learning curve. I’m not going to force a computer tech with limited people skills to become a salesperson. Even if they could do it, it’s going to take them so long to master it that they will probably give up before they would ever succeed.”

Marino teaches over 170 success paths that allow members to capitalize on their existing strengths. Members with more money than time may follow paths that can work for them. Those with more time than money follow other paths that utilize free and low cost marketing plans.

The Los Angeles based Coastal Vacations feels that there is a perfect success path for everyone based on their personality type, life experiences and budgets. His logic makes sense. If two heads are better than one, certainly 170 plus ways to attain success must be better than one.

Top level Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino is offering his valuable report detailing the steps to success in the Coastal Vacations business free of charge to visitors at his website just for asking. To get the report and a complimentary vacation voucher valued up to $400 go to HTTP://WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .


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