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Diving Deeper Into Your Dive Data in the Suunto App

Diving is about more than just exploring the depths, it’s a journey of continuous improvement and mastery. Learn how to use Suunto app throughout that process


Technology has become our trusted companion in the digital age, guiding us through the underwater world and empowering us to explore our limits. With the Suunto app at our fingertips, divers unite to share insights, harness cutting-edge features, and elevate their diving skills to new heights. 

Join us as we delve into the depths of data analysis, uncovering the secrets that will make you a better diver with every plunge.

Dive profiles, dive logs and trends

One of the most critical pieces of data for any diver is their dive profile. The Suunto app provides detailed dive profiles, including:

  • Dive time
  • Start and stop times
  • Average and max depth
  • An algorithm deviation alert if present during the dive
  • Maximum and average temperature
  • Gas list of active and enabled gases
  • Start and end pressure if linked with Suunto Tank POD
  • Avg gas consumption for each gas if linked with Suunto Tank POD
  • Current Gradient Factors
  • CNS and OTU values
  • Average heart rate if enabled
  • Surface time

Analysing your dive profiles helps you understand your diving patterns, identify areas for improvement, and adhere to safer diving practices. Paying attention to events such as alarms, nearing no decompression limits, safety stops, ascent speed penalties, and extra time allows you to refine your practice and enhance your overall experience. 

The app’s comprehensive dive logs enable you to track your progress over time, identify trends, and set goals for future dives, whether aiming to increase dive time, extend gas usage, improve buoyancy control, or explore new sites confidently.

Gas consumption

Connecting with the Suunto Tank POD before a dive makes it easy to monitor your gas consumption during the dive. The Suunto app logs your gas usage over time, providing insights into your efficiency. Analyzing your consumption rate can help identify areas for optimising breathing techniques, such as improving buoyancy or learning better breathing strategies like pre-dive visualisation to help you relax more. This can aid in more effective planning for future dives. Factors such as depth, dive duration, current strength, equipment efficiency, proper weighting, individual physiology, water temperature, and appropriate dressing significantly influence your breathing rate. Understanding how these factors impact your dives helps form better habits and enables improved dive planning in the future.


Environmental conditions

Dive planning and safety get a whole lot more exciting when you truly understand the environmental conditions. The Suunto app lets you dive into a treasure trove of data, recording everything from real-time water temperatures at various depths while visibility, current strength, and weather conditions can be recorded in the notes. Imagine being able to anticipate the perfect dive site or tweak your plans based on a detailed history of your past dives. With this info at your fingertips, you’re not just diving, you’re mastering the underwater world, ready to adapt and conquer whatever the ocean throws your way!

Daily well-being

Track your steps, sleep, and calories with the Suunto app to keep a perfect balance between training and rest, ensuring you’re always at your best. Use the feeling monitor at the end of each dive to see how your daily well-being compares to your dive experience. The Suunto app keeps all your activities—sports, adventures, and dives—in one place, with a home screen view that makes tracking your key activities a breeze.

Training load is a standout feature in the Suunto app, quantifying your training stress using Training Peaks’ Training Stress Score (TSS). Suunto app uses TSS to quantify training load. TSS is calculated based on duration and intensity. The intensity can be based on heart rate, pace or power.

To get a better understanding of the TSS values, it is good to know that a one-hour time trial effort equals 100 TSS. At the same time, a three-hour easy bike ride can accumulate the same amount of training stress. The value always depends on the intensity and duration of the effort.

Get your anaerobic threshold settings right for accurate TSS calculations, with adjustable intensity zones on Suunto devices. Track your long-term training load through the app’s Diary ‘Progress’ view, monitoring Cumulative Training Load (CTL), Acute Training Load (ATL), and Training Stress Balance (TSB) to stay fit and avoid over-training.

Check out your daily activity levels or dive into your sleep patterns with the sleep tracking feature. Boosting your sleep quality today can make you a better diver tomorrow. Only time (and tracking) will tell!

Be the first to know

Get notified about the latest news, software updates, and improvements for your dive computer. With the Suunto app, divers have a powerful tool to enhance their skills, monitor their progress, and make informed decisions underwater and beyond.

From analyzing dive profiles and tracking gas consumption to understanding environmental conditions and maintaining daily well-being, every aspect of your diving journey is covered. The app not only empowers you to dive safer and smarter but also encourages continuous improvement with its comprehensive data insights and user-friendly interface.

So whether you’re a seasoned diver looking to refine your technique or a beginner eager to explore new depths, the Suunto app is your ultimate companion. 

Dive deeper, explore further, and enjoy the underwater world with confidence, knowing that Suunto is with you every step of the way.

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