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Viral Sensation Kenny Harmon Gives Glimpses of His Life, Heritage, and the History of His Time in “Sad Papaw’s Heritage”

Behind every internet sensation like Kenny “Sad Papaw” Harmon, there is a story or two to tell, not just about one’s self but about their family as well as many things to look back to and admire.

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Delve into the heartwarming journey of family, pioneer heritage, and stories passed down through generations.

In 2016, a tweet by Kelsey Harmon about her grandfather, Kenny Harmon, who cooked a dozen burgers for his six grandchildren but only she showed up, sparked the story of Sad Papaw, as he had come to be known. The said photo garnered empathy from netizens and made him popular through memes and interactions (“likes” and “shares.”)

Since then, internet popularity has propelled Kenny Harmon to a publishing career. He has already published a number of books, the latest being “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” (ReadersMagnet; 2022). The book has even made rounds at national and international book events.

In “Sad Papaw’s Heritage,” Kenny revisits his family heritage, enthralling readers with short, heartwarming stories of how his clan came to be, immigrating from Germany to the US and going through a few counties and states before eventually settling in Oklahoma. But he does not just talk about what certain individual members of the Harman/Harmon clan did during their respective lifetimes.

In nearly every chapter of “Sad Papaw’s Heritage,” Kenny adds a bit of historical context to his family story, telling readers of what else was happening in the country. He occasionally tosses in details that readers may not be familiar with, such as the May Day celebration and the Oklahoma Land Run.

For history buffs who will read Kenny’s book, they will be thrilled to learn many things. What items did the pioneers pack on their journey to the west? Why did they rub oil on the canvas cloth that covered the wagons? What diseases did they encounter during their journey? How did Congress entice people to settle in Oklahoma? How were Crayola Crayons, aspirin, Coca-Cola, Hershey Bar, and government-issued license plates a new thing? Why did the farmers launch a political party in 1892? Plus, many more!

Of course, a heritage story such as “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” will not be complete without (stories around) food. It might not be obvious to readers, but a few sharp readers will notice how Kenny goes to lengths to explore the role of food and, to a great extent, agriculture in his family’s pioneer history. And it is not just enough that Kenny shares his family story with readers. Between chapters, he tucks in recipes for apple nut cake, salt rising bread, journey cakes, old-fashioned peanut butter cookies, and chess pie.

Just as Kenny set the internet abuzz with his “Sad Papaw” photo, “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” has captured the fancy of book review publications.

Jo Niederhoff of Seattle Book Review called the book “a solid, honest book,” which offers readers a quick view of the history of a changing country through the experiences of one family.

Foluso Falaye of Portland Book Review praised the book for the pleasant reading experience it offers, noting its rich description of historical events and narrative organization. “Reading “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” made me appreciate today’s higher level of safety, equality, and tolerance,” said Foluso. “It was an evocative, heart-racing, and enlightening experience.”

“Sad Papaw’s Heritage” tugs at the heartstrings of readers who love a trip or two down memory lane. Maria Yinks, writing for Tulsa Book Review, wrote, “This book brings a sense of nostalgia and a homely feeling as it connects the past to the present. It was a wonderful experience reading the history of the family as it had been passed on from generation to generation.”

Reviewing from the lens of microhistory, Lynn Elizabeth Marlowe of San Diego Book Review called “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” “an impressive research undertaking,” a “story of an American family going back hundreds of years, researched with care and love, and full of personal touches, is wonderful to read, and “a fun addition to historical documents and published family histories.”

In a similar vein, Toby Berry of The US Review of Books wrote, “Reading historical fiction or family histories is a superb way to learn US History, and, thankfully, the lessons are not the least bit dry off the pen of a skilled writer like Harmon as he adds personal faces to the history of the United States.”

Also, Ephantus M. of Pacific Book Review wrote that “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” “benefits from the inclusion of plentiful pieces of portraits that can wake up a reader’s memories regarding their lineage. Simply written for easy understanding of some of the priceless, long-forgotten American history, the read efficiently displays the true power of social media, which is influence. We can all acknowledge the reality of just how much it’s ingrained into everyday life. This is conclusively a historical read which will enchant readers of all ages regarding parenthood and past America.”

“Sad Papaw’s Heritage” tells not only Kenny’s family roots right on through the different eras of America’s history. Above all, the book tells the history of America as it changed through the years and honors the frontier settlers of the country’s vast rural west. Kevin Baldeosingh for IndieReader Book Review summed it up in his review, “…American history buffs will still find this an invaluable addition to their library. A fascinating history of a German-descended American family, from their 18th-century arrival in the United States to the present, Kenny Harmon’s “SAD PAPAW’S HERITAGE” provides deep insight into the lives of Americans in rural 18th-century America through the minutiae of their daily routines.”

Step back in time and immerse in the rich heritage of a pioneer family in Oklahoma. Get a copy of “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” by Kenny Harmon on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ReadersMagnet bookstore. Visit to learn more about Sad Papaw and his other books.

“Sad Papaw’s Heritage”
Author: Kenny Harmon
Published Date: 2022
Publisher: ReadersMagnet, LLC
Genre: History

Author’s Biography

Kenny Harmon, also known as Sad Papaw or Hamburger Papaw, is an internet personality known for the viral photo on the social media outlet, Twitter, when his granddaughter, Kelsey Harmon, posted a photo of him eating a hamburger alone at a dining table. Kelsey captioned, “dinner with papa tonight… he made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids and I’m the only one who showed. L love him.” The post gained empathy from the netizens, showing them support and attention.

Kenny was an ironworker for 40 years. He also authored four books, including “Sad Papaw’s Heritage,” Sad Papaw: The Early Years, and Reflections Parts 1 and 2.

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