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Hollow Gods: Why Liberalism Became a Destructive Religion by Davidson Loehr

A Mind-Stirring Journey into Liberal Ideology

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Davidson Loehr, a self-proclaimed heretic, sets on a unique journey through religion, philosophy, and liberal ideology in his book, “Hollow Gods.” Loehr’s unconventional path, from a disillusioned six-year-old challenging Sunday School narratives to a combat photographer in Vietnam, sets the stage for a narrative rooted in honesty and introspection.

“Hollow Gods” looks into the narrative of liberalism and its impact on education, media, politics, race relations, and religion. Loehr’s exploration is akin to a blend of Kahlil Gibran’s philosophical depth and Dr. Phil’s directness. The crux of his argument lies in the void left by the rejection of traditional religious narratives, replaced by an ambitious yet flawed utopian socialism. The consequences, he argues, are far-reaching, affecting not only individuals but also society at large.

Readers can expect a critical examination of liberal beliefs and their real-world implications. The author dissects the ideologies that have driven liberalism for the past two centuries, emphasizing the shortcomings and the arrogance that replaces the wisdom of a higher power. The narrative unfolds in three sections, each building a compelling case against the liberal ideologies that, according to him, have inflicted severe and possibly irreversible damage on society.

“Visions of the Anointed,” “What’s Wrong Here,” and “Excerpts for a Deeper Understanding” provide a structured framework for readers to navigate the complex issues discussed in the book. From the rejection of traditional religions to the consequences of secular utopianism, Loehr leaves no stone unturned.

In a society grappling with the repercussions of ideological shifts, “Hollow Gods” emerges as a timely and mind-stirring read. Davidson Loehr’s crisp and accessible prose, coupled with measured pacing, makes the book an engaging exploration of critical issues. While the tone is unapologetically critical of liberal ideologies, readers are invited to glean valuable lessons into the roots of these ideologies and their impact on the masses.

For those seeking a real examination of liberal ideology, “Hollow Gods” beckons with its depth and clarity. It’s not just a critique but a call to introspection and a reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked beliefs. Navigate the pages, challenge your perspectives, and explore the intricate tapestry of ideas that shape our society.

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“Hollow Gods”

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About The Author

Davidson Loehr, an outspoken heretic from a young age, developed a skepticism toward conventional religious teachings during childhood. This skepticism intensified when he challenged his Sunday School teacher’s narrative involving a ghost in the Trinadee story. Disenchanted with traditional religion, Loehr rediscovered a sense of purpose and honesty in Unitarianism through the teachings of minister John Wolf in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Following military service in Vietnam, he pursued photography and music before realizing an unmet spiritual hunger. In the late ’70s, he sought guidance from Wolf, who pointed him to the University of Chicago Divinity School.

Loehr completed his education there, earning an MA and Ph.D. in theology. Since 1986, he has served various Unitarian churches. He retired in 2009 and moved to North Carolina in late 2016, where he still live. Beyond his religious pursuits, Loehr explores woodturning and remains committed to heretical beliefs, viewing it as the path of genuine spirituality. He contends that heresy is the realm where the holy spirit resides, as opposed to the orthodox religion of priests, which often serves cultural and monetary interests.

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