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The Philosophy Book “Venus Retrograde” by Jay Turney Uncovers a Fresh Perspective on Humanity, Consumerism, and Technology.

Author Jay Turney invites readers on a thought-provoking journey that delves deep into the complex interplay of consumerism, political challenges, and the quest for personal freedom in the face of contemporary crises.

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Jay Turney promises to challenge readers’ perspectives on the world. His book dares to ask the big questions and provide fresh insights into modern existence.

Jay Turney’s social science book “Venus Retrograde” urges individuals to reconsider their understanding of freedom, moving beyond mere autonomy behind the wheel and embracing the simpler joys of life.

In a world where concerns about AI, computers, and futuristic scenarios like Terminators and cyborgs loom large, Jay Turney offers a captivating perspective: these anxieties are not new but rather a continuation of a century-old journey set in motion by the invention of telephones, radios, and the gasoline-powered car.

Imagine people stepping into their cars, encapsulated in a two-ton metal and plastic exoskeleton, seen through the window as if they were soft-bodied bugs in a world of machines. “Venus Retrograde” challenges readers to contemplate what other creatures might think when they witness this spectacle. Are people, in their vehicles, akin to hybrid monsters headed inexorably towards an uncertain destiny, much like lemmings to the sea?

Jay Turney introduces a fresh outlook on the concept of artificial intelligence by suggesting that people have long been trading their physical freedom for prosthetic technology, making the surrender of one’s mind to innovations like Elon Musk’s neuro-links a logical next step.

“Venus Retrograde” is a compelling exploration of the intricate web of choices and consequences that have led people to the technological crossroads people face today. It prompts individuals to reflect on their ever-evolving relationship with technology and the multifaceted meaning of personal freedom.

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“Venus Retrograde”
Author: Jay Turney
Genre: Philosophy & Social Sciences
Published date: January 20, 2022

Jay Turney was born in 1958 in Joplin, Missouri, straddling the cusp between the old ways under assault and the new ways themselves, subject to reactive perplexity. After obtaining a degree in English literature, he traveled cheaply but extensively, read and consumed media omnivorously, and worked odd jobs until finally settling down. He lives on 22 acres in Galena, Kansas, surrounded by forest, prairie, and strip mines.

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 Venus Retrograde
 Jay Turney
 Social Science

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