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Dr. HD Chiou Shares Points in the Creation versus Evolution Debate Through His Book “Battle for the Truth”

The thought-provoking book provides a ground for clashing the ideas of the Bible and the Theory of Evolution.

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“It has been documented that religious belief has had an important influence on the development of science.” – H.D. Chiou, Battle for the Truth.

Dr. Herng-Der Chiou is a retired engineer and church elder who published the book Battle for the Truth: Creation versus Evolution, in which he provides his points about the Bible and Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The book is divided into four chapters that put up a scientific theory against the scriptures from the Bible.

Chapter 1 talks about the origin of the universe. For Christians, the Book of Genesis describes how God created the heavens and the earth. Dr. Chiou puts this idea against the Big Bang Theory. Chapter 2 is Evolution versus the Book of Numbers, which describes God’s mystery of creation. Chapter 3 discusses the intelligent design and the evolution theories against the passages from the Book of Ecclesiastes. The fourth chapter discusses the human body and its complex physiology and design.

The author provides his points in his book, saying, “This is the first book based on the scientific findings, and biblical facts point out that evolution theory was not based on the scientific facts.”

Dr. Chiou has two points on “major false claims by Darwin’s evolution theory.”

His first point states, “In 1859, when Charles Darwin published his book ‘Origin of Species’ by Means of Natural Selection, he thought nature could form the first simple life (a single cell organism) very easily. Because at that time, there was no electron microscope, the cell structures look very simple observed under an optical microscope.”

Dr. Chiou also added more ideas saying, “In the last 100 years, many scientists tried very hard to prove nature can produce the first life, all failed. This is because scientists cannot synthesize natural amino acids, the ingredient of protein.

His second point talks about Charles Darwin visiting the Galapagos Islands in South America, “He only observed the micro-evolution of small animals. He thought small changes in the animals can be accumulated to a big change, that is, rom one specie evolve to another specie become macro-evolution by random mutation and nature selection. The micro-evolution was God’s given animals to adopt the changers in different environment.”

He added, “God did not allow animals have macro-evolution ability. The animal fossils did not have any good example of macro-evolution case.”

Dig deeper into the Creation vs. Evolution debate in “Battle for the Truth: Creation Versus Evolution” by HD, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Battle for the Truth: Creation versus Evolution
Author | H.D. Chiou
Genre | Science and Faith
Publisher | Trilogy Christian Publishers
Published Date | June 13, 2013

Author’s Biography

Dr. Herng-Der Chiou is a retired engineer and an elder in the Evangelical Formosan Christian Church in Phoenix. A writer of four books in Chinese about science and Christianity, he earned his Ph.D. in material science and engineering from Northwestern University (1979). Before he worked as a research scientist at the Monsanto Company in Missouri and the Motorola Company in Phoenix, he was a professor at Tatung University (Taipei). As the CTO of Wafer Works Company, Taiwan (known as the Helitek Company in California), he headed the R&D operations. He now lives in Chandler, Arizona, with his wife, FanMei (Lin)

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 H D Chiou
 Battle For The Truth

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