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Five Beginner Tips for a Successful Run in Roboquest


Hello Guardians!

I’m Elliot Yun from the RyseUp team, community manager and game designer for Roboquest and I’m here to give you our five beginner tips for a successful run!

Note that these tips have been validated by the Confrérie du Croissant here in France.

Let’s dive right in.

Tip #1 – Always Stay in Movement!

You have several movement options available right from the start and you will unlock more as you progress into the game. Make sure to use them all to stay ahead of the game. Enemies are merciless and numerous and evading their attacks will be a key part in your success and in getting further into the game. Master the movement, master your character (regardless of the class you’re playing as).

Tip #2 – Use your Primary Ability

FPS games and Roboquest in particular can be intense, so intense that you forget some of the gameplay possibilities offered to you. One of those possibilities in Roboquest is using the primary ability of your character. They are powerful, cooldown-based abilities that you can specialize into through your builds but that can always be relevant, even if you’re not necessarily spec’ing into it. And since it only has a cooldown as a cost, it won’t hurt to use it even if you’re not exploiting it to its full potential. Don’t have the “too good to use” syndrome and spam that key!

Tip #3 – Grab the Healing Cells

There are two ways to heal in Roboquest: using the Repair-o-bot that you will come across in safe rooms or picking the Healing Cells enemies are dropping upon death. The trick is that these cells quickly disappear. Being offensive enough to be able to retrieve them is important to maintain your health high. Usually, being offensive in Roboquest will pay off

(as long as you manage to do it while evading damage). Fear not and drive forward guardians!

Tip #4 – Help the Friendly Robots

While Roboquest is pretty fast-paced, there are also times where slowing down to try helping the friendly faces you come across while playing is a good thing. Those little (and big?) yet friendly robots will have things they need done for them. Helping them out will net you permanent rewards or access to additional places. But this will require you to pay extra attention to your environment and solve some specific and alternative situations. Help those guys and they will help you back, robot loyalty.

Tip #5 – Find the Data-Logs

Data-Logs are little pieces of lore and story scattered across the levels. While not mandatory to understand the story or for your progression as a whole, finding one will grant you several Wrenches. Wrenches are a currency you can use to upgrade your basecamp and unlock permanent upgrades that will help you dive further into the game each time you retry. If you find yourself struggling to unlock some of these upgrades a good way to boost your out-game economy would be to find those data-logs (if you feel like exploring, if not they aren’t mandatory anyway).

And that’s all for the five tips. Following those should have a positive impact on the success of your runs!

One last bit of tip I could give you would be to check out the different game settings. As weird as it may sound to advise you to do that, we actually spent a lot of time crafting and designing tons of quality-of-life and settings options to make yourself comfortable. FPS games are this type of game where everyone plays differently and we tried to take that into account while making the game (yes, those reverse-Y-axis, jump with scroll-wheel and flat pink-coloured crosshair players, I’m looking at you).

So that’s it  for real. Guardians, we hope you’re having fun with the 1.0 version of Roboquest and we wish you the best robot-smashing experience.


RyseUp Studios, Starbreeze Publishing


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Roboquest is a fast-paced FPS with Roguelite mechanics playable in singleplayer or 2 players co-op. Shoot and run your way through randomly generated environments, pick-up upgrades along the way and blast the powerful big bad bosses you encounter. Upgrade your basecamp and unlock persistent upgrades to customize your playstyle and dive further on each subsequent run.

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