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Genesis and Bang & Olufsen Engineer Exceptional Audio Experiences

Frankfurt, Germany – WEBWIRE
  • Genesis G90 elevates audio experience with Bang & Olufsen hi-fi, a bespoke design for the flagship saloon
  • Working in partnership since 2018, the close collaboration between the brands delivers the most sophisticated sound system yet
  • Exclusive Virtual Venues replicates acoustics of world-renowned performance spaces
  • State-of-the-art system features 23-speakers, patented coupled subwoofer technology and pop-up acoustic lens technology for expectational sound quality
  • Tested and verified to meet the rigorous standards of Hi-Res Audio certification awarded by the Japan Audio Society
  • Genesis G90 is currently available to order on request in Germany and Switzerland                     

The G90 flagship saloon represents the pinnacle of where design meets intelligent engineering. Arguably Genesis’ most meticulously crafted design yet, every feature of G90 has been considered to deliver unparalleled quality, including its bespoke Bang & Olufsen sound system. Blending seamlessly into the refined interior, the result is a harmonious and captivating in-car audio experience.

Genesis and Bang & Olufsen began working together in 2018 when the globally recognised Danish brand engineered an entirely bespoke audio system for GV60. Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has created iconic audio and home entertainment to the highest standards of sound, craft and design. The partnership between the two brands is a natural fit, sharing closely aligned values which aim to re-conceptualise the definition luxury through sophistication design choices and creative flair.

For G90, the Genesis and Bang & Olufsen design teams worked in close collaboration from the very earliest stages, offering expertise on the layout and interior architecture to ensure acoustics would be optimised. The car’s cabin space presented a new challenge for the Bang & Olufsen’s sound engineers, due to its distinctive and non-symmetrical shape. In some cases, just a few millimetres can make a profound impact on the sound quality. For this reason, simulations and feasibility studies were run to quantify the acoustical impact, as well as building a physical concept to explore the architectural requirements.

The audio system was born from a partnership between Genesis, Bang & Olufsen and HARMAN with the system architecture and sound tuning developed at the Hyundai Motor Group Namyang Research & Design Centre in Korea alongside a HARMAN tuning expert. The Industrial Design and Design Concept was developed at Heumen Design (a global award-winning strategic branding and design agency) in Germany, while the Acoustic Lens Technology and Headlining Speaker were developed at the HARMAN EPIC (Early Pursuits with Innovative Concepts) centre in Denmark.

Virtual Venues is exclusive to G90, a unique setting that transforms the interior of G90 to replicate the acoustics of celebrated performance spaces around the world. It delivers a fully immersive musical experience by constantly monitoring the interior using an in-car microphone and advanced algorithms to adjust speaker output. This creates an incredible 3D sound stage, recreating the acoustic characteristics of renowned venues, such as Boston Symphony Hall.

Bang & Olufsen’s patented pop-up Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) speakers in the corners of the dashboard help to achieve an advanced sound experience through cutting edge speaker output. Rather than integrated within the dashboard, the ALT tweeters rise from the top when the system is activated. The sound is then dispersed horizontally over a 180° angle, increasing the area of the acoustic ’sweet spot’ by reducing reflections off the floor and ceiling to make create a more natural sound.

Crucial to delivering exceptional sound is Bang & Olufsen’s externally coupled subwoofer technology. This HARMAN patented hardware keeps the size and weight of components to a minimum by removing the need for a bulky and heavy separate speaker cabinet. Instead, the low frequency subwoofer loudspeaker fires sound directly into the G90’s structure, using the carefully tuned cavities to deliver a rich and controlled bass. In order to secure the right amount of space in the cars, acoustic engineers are brought on at the beginning of the process to ensure the car chassis and the rest of the elements allow for enough space for the subwoofers to be inserted at a later stage.

When considering the exterior design, thoughtful details have been implemented to the grilles of the speakers, crafted to reflect Genesis’ trademark crest front grille. The grilles are made of aluminium, despite this being a notably difficult material to work with for fine design. Aluminium has a short window of workability due to its higher thermal conductivity and a low melting point than other metals, however, Bang & Olufsen’s exceptional drilling and milling expertise made this attention to detail possible.

Coupled with the Bang & Olufsen’s assistive listening technology, Genesis’ own noise-cancelling Active Noise Control-Road (ANC-R) elevates listening experiences by levelling volume levels in contrast to the road noise. The system detects noise from the surface of the road and then effectively cancels it out by sending the opposite phase sound through the audio speakers. Elsewhere, noise vibration and harshness (NVH) have been further reduced by using a range of novel features, including cutting-edge Michelin foam-filled tyres and double laminated glass to improve sound insulation.

“This collaboration has created a sound experience that could only be delivered by audacious new thinking at the forefront of acoustic innovation. Like Genesis, Bang & Olufsen is committed to delivering outstanding products that effortlessly blend premium design, cutting edge technology and high-quality craftsmanship. Not only has this partnership delivered an outstanding listening experience, but its excellence has also been recognised by one of the most renowned design agencies, the Red Dot product design awards,” commented Lawrence Hamilton, Managing Director at Genesis Motor Europe.

Complementing rather than competing with the luxurious surroundings of the cabin, G90’s powerful 23-speaker system consists of: one centre channel speaker, two pop-up Acoustic Lens Technology speakers, two 19mm tweeters, four mid-range speakers, four 160mm woofers, two surround speakers, two 220mm under-seat subwoofers, three headliner speakers, two headrest speakers and one channel amplifier.

Overall, the system delivers 1700 Watts with 19 active channels. Included within this is an additional 300W from the Auxiliary Amplifier and an extra 5 channels from the Boost Amp to enable HARMAN’s QuantumLogic Immersion (QLI), which creates a three-dimensional surround sound audio experience with exceptional clarity and detail.

G90’s sound system has been tested and verified to meet the rigorous standards of Hi-Res Audio certification awarded by the Japan Audio Society, a process that ensures audio systems fulfil sound recording, reproduction, and signal transition specification. The result is exceptional and immersive sound quality.

Genesis G90 is currently available to order on request in Germany and Switzerland.


Notes to editor:


  • Acoustic Lens Technology – Bang & Olufsen’s patented speaker technology that allows the speakers to rise from the dashboard for an improved sound quality
  • Centre Channel Speaker – the speakers in the centre of the dashboard that help to localise direct sound for those in the front
  • Headliner Speaker – the speakers in the roof of the vehicle which help to create the 3D sound stage
  • Mid-range Speaker - a loudspeaker that handles the middle range of the spectrum, which is the majority of the sound we hear, such as guitar strumming or human voice
  • Subwoofer - a loudspeaker designed to reproduce even lower-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass. This is lower than the sound that can be produced by a woofer, such as a thumping beat
  • Surround Speaker - adds one or more channels from loudspeakers from behind the listener to create an immersive and atmospheric experience
  • Tweeter - a special type of loudspeaker designed to produce high audio frequencies that are crisps and sharp, such as high-pitched singing or cymbals
  • Woofer – or “bass speaker” produces the lowest frequency sounds such as a drum kick or a bass guitar

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