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Dr. Elana Ashley’s Inspiring Children’s Book, “Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler”

Offers a Powerful Message of Friendship and Bully-Free America


If you are looking for a great book that addresses the issue of bullying among children, “Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler” is a must-read. The story is about Ellie Elephant and her friends at school who are daily being bullied by a new student in their class called Holly Howler. With the advice of a peace-loving detective, the help of her best friend Eli, and her own common sense, Ellie magically transforms Big Bully Holly Howler into a friend. What did she say and do to make this amazing transformation? Read the book and find out.

Following the story, readers see a series of Questions for Teachers and Parents to Discuss with Children. Also, the author adds an original poem entitled “Why Are You A Bully?”

The main goal of this book is to teach important life lessons. On the concluding page of the book, Splunkunio Splunkey’s key message stands out loud and clear: “To Make A Friend – You Need To Be A Friend.” The story explores the complexities of bullying, looking at why it happens and offering strategies to address it effectively. Dr. Elana Ashley’s book imparts essential knowledge on cultivating self-esteem and instilling core values. Through the captivating tales of Splunkunio Splunkey and his companions, young and old readers are encouraged to embrace kindness, consideration, and honesty.

What sets this book apart is its focus on promoting positive interactions and effective communication. Dr. Elana Ashley skillfully shows how empathy, understanding, and conflict resolution can greatly impact our relationships with others. Moreover, the story is filled with profound, ethical values and strong character development, ensuring a rewarding reading experience.

The support and advice of Splunkunio Splunkey and Eli play a crucial role in helping Ellie to better understand situations in which kindness and help are needed, and therefore should be acted upon quickly. Through their help, Ellie Elephant becomes more able and ready to connect with Holly, and eventually Ellie and her victimized school companions receive a heartfelt apology from her. This story demonstrates how complex relationships and the power of friendship can address important issues like childhood bullying.

A significant part of the story also revolves around Ellie and her dear friend Eli, who together represent a relationship of true friendship. However, Ellie on her own reaches out to Big Bully Holly Howler, involving her in activities like basketball and sharing meals. Ellie also shows incredible forgiveness when Holly expresses regret for her actions. This heartwarming story demonstrates how nurturing friendships can positively impact bullies, helping them become better companions and better people.

As in the words of Dr. Elana Ashley: “Moving through our lives, we all need to embrace the highest of ethical standards as we communicate and interact with each other. Let us boldly and passionately work together to create a BULLY-FREE America.”

About the Author

After receiving a doctorate from New York University in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature, with a specialty in Ugaritic Mythology, Dr. Elana Ashley taught Hebrew at Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio) for two years and at Clark University (Worcester, Massachusetts) for four years. Following her university teaching, she flew to Germany, where she spent several months with her father, a cosmic ray astrophysicist, who was doing research at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Munich. That trip was to change her life forever. One day, they rode by train to Paris. While her father delivered a lecture, Elana was in a library where she was gazing at amazing photos in astronomy books. Her head was swirling with fascination and excitement, and upon their return to Germany, Elana spent more than a week creating an alien character from outer space -- she crocheted a six-foot puppet whom she called Splunkunio Splunkey. When she returned to the United States and moved to Illinois, her new friend Splunkey was to take an active role in her life and in the life of thousands of children, teachers and health professionals in public and private schools in Chicago and in surrounding suburbs.

A multifaceted entrepreneur, Dr. Elana Ashley wears many hats, including that of educator, author, artist, lecturer, dramatic performer, storyteller, puppeteer, poet, and composer of songs. Elana also serves as the President of Dream Image Press LLC, through which she showcases her diverse talents, with special focus on developing and presenting varied instructional programs, writing books coupled with story reading and storytelling, creating artwork, and displaying book and art exhibitions.

With her talents, Dr. Ashley made significant contributions to the healthcare sector. She was invited to conduct a series of educational programs in the field of child abuse prevention for Highland Park Hospital (Highland Park, Illinois) as part of their licensed health and safety program series called KidSafe, combining her efforts with the police force and fire department. Elana educated children about safety with the help of a new companion, Puppet Ellie Elephant. Together, they engaged in meaningful programs and conversations with children, emphasizing conflict resolution and other prevention strategies when faced with abusive situations in school, at home or in the outside community.

Dream Image Press, LLC offers programs that empower students by teaching them ethical values such as kindness, integrity, and respect, as well as discussing the importance of staying away from drugs. For more than two decades, Dr. Ashley has presented educational and entertaining programs for students, teachers and parents within the Chicago, Illinois area, as well as nationwide, sharing valuable life lessons that students and adults can apply in their daily lives.

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