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Brian Dalton’s Basketball What-If Story (and Tribute to Late Legend) Exhibited at the 2023 Printers Row Lit Fest

This year’s Printers Row Lit Fest was yet another opportunity for Chicagoans to rediscover the love for reading while browsing outdoor book exhibits right along the streets. For dedicated basketball aficionado Brian Dalton, it was a most fitting setting to display his book “KOGI: Legends Never Die.” Written as both a science fiction novel and an emotional tribute to Dalton’s basketball idol, the novel aims to continue its own little legacy of motivation and determination in sports.


“KOGI is an emotional and inspiring book that pays a fitting tribute to the legacy of Kobe Bryant and Gigi. Brian Dalton has done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of these iconic figures and bringing them to life in a new and exciting way. The story is full of action, adventure, and excitement.” – Jenna White

The Printers Row Lit Fest is the largest outdoor book showcases in the Midwest. It gives many Chicagoans a chance to discover new stories as they browsed right along the streets.

For Brian Dalton, this sounded like just the right setting for them to find his novel “KOGI: Legends Never Die.” The book was displayed at this year’s festival with the help of ReadersMagnet, a book marketing and self-publishing firm.

Of course, Dalton is not just another newly published sci-fi author. He’s also an avid sports enthusiast and a big fan of basketball. His main reason for writing “KOGI” is as a tribute to the late basketball Hall-of-Famer Kobe Bryant.

The story is a mix of post-apocalyptic environment dystopia and what-if fiction. Set a thousand years in the future, mankind’s domain is split between well-off space colonies and decaying, domed cities filled with the disenfranchised. Sports had long declined into oblivion, and technologies developed to reverse Earth’s descent into inhospitable decay constantly fail.

However, things only get even more desperate when the wider intergalactic society sends an alien armada to test Earth’s worthiness to remain part of the galaxy. And to make matters worse, the test takes in the form of a game that strong resembles basketball even when there remains no living player to represent the entire human race.

That is, until scientists decide to use experimental time travel technology in a mad bid to bring in some of the best players in the past to give the Earth one last fighting chance.

Many readers at the Printers Row Lit Fest 2023 could already tell where this plot was going, and they were quite eager to see how Dalton’s hero saves the day with this inspiring determination and drive.

Avid readers of sci-fi and fans of basketball should get a copy of “KOGI: Legends Never Die” by Brian Dalton on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Information on Dalton’s ongoing Kobe Bryant memorial project are also available on his website at

“KOGI: Legends Never Die”
Author: Brian Dalton
Published date: October 14, 2022
Publisher: Page Publishing
Genre: Science-Fiction

Author Bio
Brian Dalton was born August 18, 1978, just 5 days before Kobe. So you can see 8 is his favorite number. He has never finished college and has no degrees in anything. Naturally smart, wise, has a huge heart, very ambitious, competitive, creative, reliable, never gives up and very athletic. Loves to travel and go on adventures. At what ever he does he tries to become the best at it.

He spent most of his life growing up in Los Angeles, California. Played soccer, ran track and cross country. Played some basketball but just for fun nothing ever competitive. Never cared for watching basketball on TV until one day a good friend told him about Kobe Bryant who had just became a Laker and said I need to watch. So he started watching the games and fell in love with Kobe as a competitor. Only 18 years of age entering the NBA. Beating the system of not having to go to college. He became Brian Daltons Idol. What he loved the most was as long as Kobe was playing, anything was possible. Even if the Lakers were down by 20 some points he new the game was never over until the final buzzard or Chick Hearn put the game in the fridge.

When January 26th, 2020 happened his heart broke. Continued watching the news just waiting for Kobe to come walking out of the wreckage or from the other side of the hill. He couldn’t believe his one and only idol and his future idol Gigi were dead. He had always thought, well Kobe has retired that Gigi would someday be the best woman basketball player ever and who knows maybe the first woman NBA player ever. Now both gone and so thankful it wasn’t the entire family in that helicopter. He still sheds tears to this day thinking about what happened.

To Brian, Kobe was the most important person in the world for his work ethic, motivational speeches, showing people anything can be accomplished with enough hard work, and just an inspiration to the world. Kobe Bryant is his Jesus Christ. He never wanted it to end like this. So he came up with “KOGI” so he can continue believing that he is out there somewhere trying to get back home to his family. If possible you know Kobe would be the one to find the way.

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