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Linda Elliot’s “The Full Size Family Swimming Pool” A Dip Into Summertime Nostalgia

McDowell, KY – WEBWIRE

Linda Elliot, a talented storyteller and author, has recently released her latest book, “The Full Size Family Swimming Pool,” which takes readers on a delightful journey through summertime nostalgia. Drawing from her own cherished memories, Linda has crafted a heartwarming tale that captures the joy, laughter, and simple pleasures of sunny days spent with loved ones.

In “The Full Size Family Swimming Pool,” readers are introduced to three grown-up sisters who, when they dive into the refreshing waters of their sister’s swimming pool, are transported back to their carefree childhood selves. This enchanting story allows readers to relive their own sun-soaked memories, filled with laughter, splashes, and the delicious taste of ice cream.

However, beyond the nostalgia, this book also imparts valuable lessons on the importance of cherishing family bonds, creating lasting memories, and finding the childlike joy that resides within all of us. Through her storytelling, Linda Elliot encourages readers to reconnect with their inner child and savor the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

An excerpt from the book beautifully encapsulates the essence of the story: “We were three grown-up, mature ladies in our fifties as long as we were not in the swimming pool. But, when we got into that swimming pool, we behaved like three little girls again.”

The phrase underscores the significance of a specific quote, emphasizing its purpose as a reminder for those who encounter it. This reminder is intended for readers, urging them to rekindle the childlike attributes and perspectives that often fade as people grow older and face the demands of adulthood.

The call to “embrace their inner child” implies a need to recapture the curiosity, imagination, and unbridled joy that children naturally possess. It encourages readers to shed the burdens of responsibility and adult concerns momentarily and return to a state of innocence and wonder.

Furthermore, the quote promotes the idea of “finding joy in the present moment.” It suggests that by reconnecting with their inner child, readers can appreciate the beauty of the here and now, free from the anxieties of the past or the worries of the future. This means learning to relish life’s simpler pleasures, small victories, and everyday moments that often go unnoticed in the rush of adulthood.

“The Full Size Family Swimming Pool” invites readers to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and immerse themselves in a world filled with warmth, sunlight, and the scent of chlorine. Linda Elliot’s storytelling prowess will transport readers to a time when summer held endless possibilities, and the swimming pool was the center of joy and excitement.

If you’re yearning to dive into this heartwarming tale and rediscover the magic of family bonds, don’t miss out on “The Full Size Family Swimming Pool.” Visit Books By Linda J. Elliot to secure your copy and join in an enchanting journey back to the days of carefree summers and treasured memories.

About the Author

Linda Joyce Thornsberry Elliott is the author and illustrator of several books including Pumpkin Pilgrimage, Fun In The Park, The High-Back Forty, Who’s Going To Tie Your Shoes, Billy Bob’s Bean Patch, Among The Elbows, Three Trees Over, and Doctor Cow. The book Behold Easter is written by Linda but Willie, her husband, did the photography, and she is the author of Back Street Butterfly which is illustrated by Lewis Newman.

She is a graduate of Alice Lloyd College in ‘Knott County Kentucky where she attended for two years and then attended and graduated from Berea College in Madison County Kentucky. She taught kindergarten and first grade for twenty-seven years. She is now retired and lives in McDowell, Kentucky with her husband Willie. They have one son Ryan.

The Full Size Family Swimming Pool
A Children’s Book By Linda J. Elliott

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 Linda Elliot’s
 Nostalgic Summertime
 Family Bonds

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