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Unraveling the Threads of Society and Nature: Jay Turney’s “Venus Retrograde” Sheds Light on Threats to Humanity

The author emerges as a voice of profound insight and wisdom with his thought-provoking work.

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Drawing from his rich life experiences and extensive travels, Turney crafts compelling narratives that provoke introspection and foster meaningful dialogue.

Jay Turney’s latest book, “Venus Retrograde”, dives deep into the heart of readers’ collective struggles, unearthing the real threats to the way of life and the very survival of the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

In “Venus Retrograde”, Turney masterfully dissects centuries of exploitation, laying bare the socioeconomic and political depredations that have haunted humanity. With an unparalleled blend of philosophy and social sciences, the book navigates the treacherous waters of people’s current reality, confronting environmental disasters and the impending consequences of their actions.

Turney’s writing is a rallying cry for personal involvement in effecting positive change. He argues that through genuine engagement and active participation, people can save the world and souls. He posits that the natural world may hold the key to spiritual awakening, connecting people to the divine and grounding them in a profound sense of purpose.

His two other books, “Medea’s Mask: The Human Face of Chaos” and “Nothing Left to Lose: How Freedom Became a Commodity,” offer further insight into the complexities of the human condition and the systems that govern people’s lives.

In Medea’s Mask,” Turney delves into the universal anxiety that has haunted humanity throughout history. Through a captivating exploration of culture and mass psychology, the author bravely faces the pressing issues of time, challenging readers to confront reality without the filter of hollow optimism.

Meanwhile, in Nothing Left to Lose,” Turney peels back the layers of modern capitalism, revealing the commodification of freedom itself. This profound work argues that when every aspect of life is assigned a monetary value, the essence of humanity becomes estranged from itself. The result is a profoundly irrational and anti-human system that demands urgent introspection.

As Jay Turney continues to captivate readers with his intellectual prowess and thought-provoking narratives, his books stand as a testament to his brilliance. Turney’s compelling works will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on readers.

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“Venus Retrograde”
Author | Jay Turney
Genre | Philosophy & Social Sciences
Publisher |
Published date | January 20, 2022

Jay Turney was born in 1958 in Joplin, Missouri, straddling the cusp between the old ways under assault and the new ways themselves, subject to reactive perplexity. After obtaining a degree in English literature, he traveled cheaply but extensively, read and consumed media omnivorously, and worked odd jobs until finally settling down. He lives on 22 acres in Galena, Kansas, surrounded by forest, prairie, and strip mines.

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 Venus Retrograde
 Jay Turney
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