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Benji Cole Enthusiastically Endorses “The Madhouse Projects” for a Riveting Cinematic Adaptation, Foreshadowing an Anticipated Blockbuster Experience for Audiences

Author Rick Badman’s Groundbreaking Novel Sparks Hollywood Buzz and Excitement.

Chicago, IL – WEBWIRE

"’The Madhouse Project’ isn’t just a novel; it’s a cinematic journey waiting to happen. Rick Badman’s imagination knows no bounds, and the thrilling world he’s crafted is tailor-made for the big screen. Get ready for a blockbuster ride like no other!" - Benji Cole, Radio Host and Entertainment Enthusiast.

Renowned author Rick Badman takes readers on a thrilling journey into the future with his latest literary gem, “The Madhouse Projects.” This captivating novel transcends the boundaries of science fiction, introducing us to a world where technology, innovation, and human ingenuity combine to reshape the course of history.

In “The Madhouse Projects,” Badman delves into the intriguing life of Dick Thurman, an automotive engineer who finds himself thrust into a world of secrets, mysteries, and groundbreaking inventions. Dismissed from a California University, Dick embarks on a new chapter of his life, joining the enigmatic underground research and development facility known as the Madhouse in the heart of Arizona. Here, he encounters a diverse cast of individuals all working on groundbreaking projects for an organization named BOSS, which stands for Backers and Organizers for Sensible Solutions.

One of the book’s most exhilarating highlights is Dick Thurman’s revolutionary creation – fly-wheel-power electric Indy cars. These cutting-edge vehicles make their dazzling debut at the 2037 Indianapolis 500, promising to redefine the world of motorsports and green technology.

But the intrigue doesn’t stop there. As the plot unfolds, Dick’s wife, Kate, enters the Madhouse after the Thurmans are presumed dead in a mysterious accident. Kate’s journey takes a unique twist as she delves into the world of virtual reality, extracting crucial information from a South American drug lord, bringing criminals to justice with her innovative approach. Later, she pioneers a groundbreaking micromachine system that offers people the chance to experience euphoric mind trips, pushing the boundaries of human consciousness.

However, the true marvel of “The Madhouse Projects” lies in Dick’s ingenious creation of levitated flying cars. These extraordinary vehicles employ a double-field motive system to levitate and field displacement to soar through the skies with UFO-like grace. Rick Badman’s narrative invites readers to dream of a future where the impossible becomes reality, and innovation knows no bounds.

The narrative also takes readers on a whirlwind journey across continents, from a Christmas vacation in Europe to a collaboration with the Russian President. As Dick Thurman and his counterparts work on projects worldwide to better society and improve global conditions, readers are reminded of the power of human determination and collective action.

​Even Benji Cole, during a recent radio interview, expressed his belief that “The Madhouse Project” would be a perfect candidate for a thrilling movie adaptation, hinting at the potential blockbuster awaiting readers.

Author Rick Badman, born in Warsaw, Indiana, on March 21, 1956, has been a lifelong aficionado of Science Fiction. His passion for the genre, coupled with a fascination for the rapid transformation of once-fictional concepts into tangible reality, drove him to write science fiction stories that offer a glimpse into a future that’s both awe-inspiring and plausible. Badman’s Christian upbringing infuses his narratives with optimism, delivering a refreshing perspective on the potential of humanity’s future.

“The Madhouse Projects” is set to be a literary sensation, igniting imaginations, and sparking conversations about the limitless possibilities of our technological future. Rick Badman’s masterful storytelling and visionary ideas promise to leave readers spellbound.

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Rick Badman is a celebrated author known for his thought-provoking science fiction narratives. With over 55 years of experience in the genre, Badman’s work explores the intersection of technology, humanity, and faith, offering readers a unique perspective on the future. His stories have captivated audiences worldwide, making him a leading voice in contemporary science fiction literature.

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