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In “Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature” Chet Shupe Explains How Civilization Destroys Happiness

Chet Shupe sits down with Ric Bratton on This Week in America to talk about his book.

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“All in all, the book was very intriguing, leaving me with many questions still, as a good philosophy book should do.” – Tamara Fayez, Amazon Customer.

Chet Shupe shares the insights he had in his book “Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature: How Civilization Destroys Happiness,” on “This Week in America with Ric Bratton.”

“Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature” sparks conversations and self-reflection by revealing how the emotional connections through which we once cared for one another have been severed by modern man’s dependence on monetary systems.

Ric Bratton asked Shupe about what he meant by “The Wisdom of Human Nature.” Chet replied: “All animate beings come in this world with an inborn wisdom that has been genetically accumulating since the first stirrings of life on earth. This wisdom is expressed through feelings, and inspires the behavior required for countless species to live in sufficient harmony for life to flourish on this planet. As a result of subjugating ourselves to rules and laws, humans, alone, live in denial of our innate wisdom”

Bratton followed with: “What message do you hope the readers get from your book?” Shupe answered: “No matter how much you have suffered, don’t blame yourself. Humans did not evolve to function in modern cultures. When dependent on money to survive, instead of people love, how can we not suffer?” Also: “We don’t blame the eagle spirit, or the elephant spirit, if things go wrong for them. We shouldn’t be blaming the human spirit either. It’s just that, given our dependence on money to survive, we are not behaving like normal humans.

Rick said: “You say in your book that we used to live in the moment. Now we live for the future. Why this change? Shupe answered: “Before the advent of civilization, the human spirit—our emotional natures—ruled our lives. We are now governed by prescribed laws, through which we each attempt to realize personal designs on the future. No longer free to live in the moment, we suffer.”

“In your book you say that women are more emotionally intelligent than men. I must say I agree, but why is that? Chet responded: “Evolution commissioned women to be the caretakers of life, and men to be its protectors. Far more emotional intelligence is required to take care of life than to protect it. This is why, in women’s eyes, we men never really grow up.”

Watch the full interview in This Week in America with Ric Bratton.

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Author’s Biography
As a whistle-blower to the world, Chet Shupe speaks with urgency about the need to rediscover people’s connections with their own nature, if we are ever again to experience the contentment of sisterhood and brotherhood that is our natural heritage.

Chet Shupe is an electronics engineer who suffered from severe Attention Deficit Disorder, for much of his life. When he was 43, his condition was finally diagnosed, and he began treatment with Ritalin. Suddenly, life made sense. As a result of that extraordinary experience, he began writing on brain dysfunction to provide a conceptual framework for medically treating the brain.

As a result of that effort—combined with his professional knowledge of system control theory—Shupe’s subject soon changed from brain dysfunction to cultural dysfunction. He realized that the brain cannot find lasting contentment, nor can it produce behavior that serves the individual or the species, when functioning in a reality that, emotionally, it does not comprehend.

“Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature: How Civilization Destroys Happiness” (Second Edition)
Author| Chet Shupe
Genre| Philosophy, Evolutionary Psychology, Sociology, Self-Help
Publisher| BookBaby
Published Date| December 6, 2022

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