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Reynaldo Pareja’s Spirituality Book “After Now, What Comes Next?” - Unlocking Life’s Greatest Mysteries


Reynaldo Pareja, a writer whose words resonates with simplicity and wisdom, takes us on an exploration of life and death in his latest book, “After Now, What Comes Next?” His inspiration springs from two deeply emotional moments that define the human experience. The first is the joyous occasion of witnessing the birth of a baby, a moment filled with innocence, wonder, trust, and the need for boundless love. The second, and perhaps the most profound, is the solemnity of being present at someone’s death, whether a loved one or a stranger. These moments leave indelible imprints in our minds, stirring a complex mix of emotions—anger, frustration, sadness, and even spiritual questioning.

In this book, the author wants to explore a big question: what happens after we die? People have wondered about this for a very long time. The author looks at different ideas from the past to help us understand why we’re so curious about life and death.

By reading this book, you can learn a few important things. One is that it’s natural for humans to try to make sense of life and death. Throughout history, we’ve come up with stories and beliefs to help us deal with the mystery of what happens after we pass away. This book helps us see how different cultures have thought about this.

The book also teaches us to appreciate the diversity of human beliefs. People from different places and times have had their own ideas about the afterlife. This book shows us how these beliefs have shaped societies and individuals. It reminds us to be open-minded and respectful of other people’s views.

Moreover, the book encourages us to think about our own beliefs. It asks us to consider how what we believe about life and death affects our lives. By reading about ancient beliefs and modern interpretations, we might start thinking more deeply about our own spiritual journey.

In a nutshell, “After Now, What Comes Next?” takes us on a journey to understand what happens when we pass away. It offers a way of finding comfort in the unknown, and explores the diverse interpretations of our enduring curiosity about life, death, and what might come after.

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After Now, What Comes Next?
by: Reynaldo Pareja

Publisher : Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: February 2023
Language : English
Paperback : 262 pages
PB ISBN: 978-1-63892-534-7
HB ISBN: 978-1-63892-535-4

About the Author
Reynaldo Pareja, PhD in Communication and Sociology from the Ecole des Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. Masters in Communication by Cornell University, U.S. Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Art and Literature from Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia. Author of more than 16 books on human development, existential reflections, humanity’s ever-present questions of its origins and purpose of life, spiritual dimension as the true nature of humans, the different levels of reality, human suffering, and religious revelations. All the English books of the author can be obtained at: and - The books in Spanish at:

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