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Merla Barton Manuel’s Children’s Book “When the Geese Fly East” Takes You on a Whimsical Journey


Get ready to enter into a world of excitement, curiosity, and endless fun with the super-duper amazing children’s book, “When The Geese Fly East,” written by the incredible storyteller Merla Barton Manuel. It’s like taking a rocket ride into a world where questions lead to epic quests and geese have super cool secrets.

Merla Barton Manuel is like a magical wizard who knows just how to make stories come alive. She’s been a teacher for little kids, so she totally understands how to make stories that tickle your imagination. And guess what? She was inspired by the goofiest geese ever. They decided to fly the wrong way – east instead of south – and that’s where the adventure begins.

Meet a super cool girl in “When The Geese Fly East” who sees those geese and thinks, “What on Earth are they up to?” Can you imagine that? Well, guess what? Her curious brain goes on a wild ride, and you’re invited. Join her as she solves the mystery, giggles a lot, and learns that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

An excerpt from the book: “Maybe they know something, which we do not know. Are they searching for water or grass, which is green? Is there a storm coming or some danger unseen? Perhaps, yes, perhaps the boss goose is lost.”

the excerpt simply teaches us the importance of curiosity and imagination. It’s like wondering about the secrets of the world around us. Just like the geese in the story, sometimes we see animals doing things that we don’t fully understand. It’s okay to wonder why they’re doing it – maybe they have reasons that we don’t know about. This teaches us to be curious about the world and to imagine different possibilities. Maybe they’re looking for water because they’re thirsty, or maybe they’re avoiding something scary. This also shows us that sometimes, even the ones who seem like leaders or bosses, like the “boss goose,” can also have moments of confusion. So, the message is to stay curious, imagine different stories, and remember that things might not always be as they seem, just like in our own adventures.

But that’s not all. “When The Geese Fly East” is not just a book. Nope, it’s a ticket to a world where anything is possible. Flip through the pages and get ready to meet the most colorful characters and see the most amazing illustrations. It’s like a roller coaster for your imagination.

“Ready for the most exciting adventure ever? Join the journey with ’When The Geese Fly East’ and let your imagination soar as high as the sky!”

Don’t miss the boat (or should we say, the flight of geese?) – grab your copy of “When The Geese Fly East” at and Adventure is calling, and it wants to take you on a wild ride.

When The Geese Fly East
By Merla Barton Manuel

Publisher : Your Online Publicist
Publication Date : May 2022
Pages : 45
Product Dimensions : 8.50 (w) x 11.00 (h) x 0.16 (d) in.
Genre : Children’s Books
Paperback ISBN : 978-1-63892-285-8
Hardcover ISBN : 978-1-63892-341-1

About the Author

Merla Manuel was born as Merla Barton in San Francisco. She became a pre-school and after school teacher after the age of 35. One winter day Merla’s husband and daughter came into the house and ask what does it mean when the geese fly east.

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