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Worldepack Hardware Packaging Solution to Turkey Customer

The customer has various kinds of hardware material and a larger size range, the longest screw to be 70mm, 4 or 9 or 15 or 38, or 176 pcs per bag and required high counting accuracy. Finally, we suggest 9 hopper measurements with a PE bag packing machine.

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Worldepack Hardware Packaging Solution
Worldepack Hardware Packaging Solution

Worldepack is a manufacturer in China and specialized in packaging machines for 19 years. Our machine is able to pack the screws bolt nut hardware or plastic spare parts into the bag box carton.

One of our Turkey Customers deals in the automotive and fastener industry, they provide pack systems and spare parts to customers. This customer has various kinds of hardware material and a larger size range, the longest screw to be 70mm, 4 or 9 or 15 or 38, or 176 pcs per bag and required high counting accuracy.

OUR Q&A about Customization Solution is also the process by which we select the right screw packaging machine.

Q1: Would you please recommend a machine according to our products? How does it work? If we can use the same machine to pack product A and product B at different times?
A: Our machine consists of two main parts, the measurement part, and the bag packing part. Measure parts including counting series and weigher series.

  • Hopper counting, the speed is about 100~200pcs per min per hopper. It takes a min of 5 minutes for 1 bag (1000 pieces), and one hopper pack similar-sized products. Normally we suggest one hopper for one product. If you think itĎs too slow you can add more hoppers so counting together but the cost is added. Suitable for parts installation kits for furniture bathroom cars to other products that need hardware parts to install the product.
  • Visual counting, the accuracy is high, and faster counting via CCD camera. The accuracy is 1/10000, speed is about 5~10 bags according to a different model. One machine is able to pack different shapes and sizes of products. Suitable for a single product in the same bag and larger quantities like 50~1000 or 10000 pcs.
  • Weighing, speed is faster but accuracy is so so, about 1~3pcs more per bag. We have a computer multi-head weigher, speed is 30~60bags per min and headline speed is about 5~10bags. It is able to pack different products at different times.

Packing machine parts according to the bag style and material

  • Small VFFS machine. The machine is suitable for a composite film (sealing is not stable if PE film), and which max bag width is 150mm, the machine makes a bag from the roll film. It uses small steel rolls to pull bags only suitable for light bags below 1kg. If changing bag width then has to change the bag former. Take a little time and need different width film material.
  • Big VFFS machine. The machine is suitable for composite film and PE film, with a max bag width is 450mm or more but customized, the machine makes a bag from roll film. It uses a servo belt roll to pull the bag so suitable for heavy bags. But the products falling distance is very long as the machine is higher so not suitable for Fragile or sharp products. If changing bag width then has to change the bag former. Take a little time and need different width film material.
  • PE tubular bag machine. Machine suitable for PE tubular roll film, with max bag width is 600mm. The machine only seals and cuts the bag. Itís able to pack 15~17kg per bag with a belt tray. The machine is small and the product falling distance is about 20~40mm, suitable for heavy fasteners or plastic parts (light products but big volume parts).
  • Auto Bag Machine. Machine suitable for PE pre-opening roll bag with a dotted line, which max bag width is 260mm, speed is 10~15 bags per min. Itís able to pack 5kg. The machine is very small so it is also called a table machine, 42kg. Suitable for small bag packs. The bag material is higher than the tubular bag and fixed bag size, or you change the roll size.

According to your exact product, pcs or grams of each bag, speed, and accuracy requirement, the vibrating hopper is more suitable, because Visual counting with max material length below 40mm, and Weigher will be about 1%~3% tolerance.

Normally donít suggest that one machine pack so many different kinds and sizes of products also takes too much time to adjust the hoppers. For example for a washer, if the thickness is below 0.5 mm to easily overlay, for the bolt, if the hopper packs 80mm then need to be a bigger one but when this bigger hopper pack screw of 16 mm then itís too big for it, easy effect the accuracy and take time to adjust. Even if you add an end checker, if too many bags are picked up then the speed is very slow. so we suggest customer that one machine is for the main size products, and for the other size if the test is okay then okay. Finally, we suggest 9 hoppers at least with a PE bag packing machine.

There are 2 kinds of machine layouts,

Option1 is 9 hoppers with a middle conveyor like below picture, The advantage is hopper height is about 800mm, conveniently manually feeds material in the hopper, or manually adds other products that are not suitable for hopper counting so needs manual feeding in the conveyor, move to the packing machine for bag sealing only. When you pack any kind of product you only need to press the hopper no on or off via the packing machine touch screen. As customers pack only one kind of product in each bag and have limited space for a machine we designed option 2 for them.

Option2 is each hopper table with moving casters, so when the customer needs to pack A product then move the A hopper close to the packing machine, pack B then move A hopper away and move the B hopper close to the machine instead, no need middle conveyor, no need complicate machine system, save cost and room space.

Q2: Whatís the advantage of your hopper counting machine?
A: Optical fiber from Japan Keyence, area detect. Hopper from Taiwan China, a durable, intelligent control device, fully automatically changes vibrating frequency according to the quantity in the hopper, the screw will reduce when packing. Full stainless steel.

Q3: What is the difference between the detect box and the end weigher checker? Detect box detecting wrong quantity how? By weighing?
A: Detect box is an optional device installed between the hopper and the packing machine, when the machine detects the counting qty is wrong, the detect box will open another side to avoid the wrong qty following into the packing machine. Sometimes the counting speed is very fast and one more product may follow down before the hopper cylinder is closed, the fiber recognizes one more then the detect box will open another side and reject the material.

But no fiber counting accuracy is 100%, our fiber counting accuracy is 1/1000, detect box is unable to recognize the 1/1000, so need an end weigher checker to reject via weight. The weighing checker will reject the finished bags whose qty is wrong. Even though the end checker will reject the wrong bag it wastes time, and workers to tear the wrong bag put it into a different hopper, and recount again. Please note if your material has much weight tolerance itself or too many different kinds of material mixed together, for example, 50 pcs small washer with a unit weight is 0.5g/pcs, but there is 0.011g weight tolerance itself (0.511g/pcs) then there may be about 25~25.55g per bag even qty is 50 pcs. when bags whose weight is 25.55g pass through the end weigher, the weight is over the target tolerance of 0.5g, so the weigher will reject this bag even if the qty is 50 pcs.

Q4: Is your Printer able to make this label?
A: This is a label stick machine, you can order a printed label roll if the information is not changed, if the information changes then need a printer and label stick machine together, the machine costs more and needs a label cost. You can try to use the thermal printer which directly prints the information on the bag after you edit the content and inset via touch screen. Numbers, LOGO, and barcode. Different models according to your printing size range.WE-01 printer size is 24*40, WE-03 is 32*50, WE-05 is 53*70, so WE-05 maybe ok.

Q5: Why we canít use one set end, weigher, for all these products?
A: Each end weigher checker is suitable for finished bags in a certain different size and weight range, with accuracy different. WE-2000 model is suitable for your 90~260mm bag size range, but accuracy is 2g which means when you pack a small light washer with a unit weight below 2g then the end weigher checker is unable to detect the rejected bag if one more or less in a bag. You can choose your main product size and weight range.

Q6: Please stick the CE plate, stick the plate showing hz/ model number / serial number/ your brand name.
A: If you do not have a CE certificate, please send the Declaration of Conformity and Test Report you prepared while exporting your machines. The letterhead must be a Declaration of Conformity, not a Certificate of Conformity. The machine brand name and model name must be seen in the Declaration of Conformity. I need to have a sample document as it is. then my customer will be easy about clearing your machine from Turkey customs.

Q7: Sometimes customers need to count materials into a bag and sometimes count into a box, our packing machine needs to reserve space so customers can put the box at the bottom to receive the counted nut bolt.

Q8: Our customer needs this machine to pack different products into small bags, maybe the machine packs product A 20 bags and then packs product B 50 bags, so the machine is able to fully automatically stop working when finished with 20 bags?
A: Yes, the machine with this function. First set target bag qty 20 bags via touch screen then the machine will fully automatically stop working after it packed 20 bags. Please see the below video.

Q9: Our voltage is 380V/3 phase/50 Hz, if machine workable?
A: We can add a voltage transfer or you can change it according to the below explanation.
1、380V The voltage between the lines of the three-phase five-wire power supply is as follows.
2、In the above power supply system, the single-phase socket voltage is 220V
3、Please check whether the voltage is 220Ī10%V before power transmission

For more information, please contact WEPACK NEWS.

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