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Top 10 Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2023 So Far


Crowdfunding in 2023 has become the beating heart of innovation, allowing entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators to turn their concepts into reality. In the opening half of the year, a remarkable trend has emerged from our Indiegogo community – a reimagining of portable gaming and the allure of high-end glamping.

As tech enthusiasts and travel aficionados gather on Indiegogo, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up and highlight the top 10 crowdfunding sensations of the year so far! These campaigns have not only captured the imagination and hearts of backers, but have also harnessed the power of collective support.

As you explore these projects, keep in mind that your backing isn’t just a simple transaction – it’s a chance to be part of a community that nurtures groundbreaking ideas and transforms them into reality. By backing these campaigns, you become an early adopter and a champion of progress, shaping the future of tech, innovation, and the arts.

Read on to discover the top 10 crowdfunding sensations that have shaped the first half of 2023, redefining the boundaries of possibility and enriching lives in unexpected ways.

10. Space Acacia: Elevating Outdoor Adventures with Versatility

Category: Travel & Outdoors

Funds Raised: $1,079,403

This 3-in-1 camping system is transforming outdoor adventures, offering unparalleled comfort, convenience, and style under the open sky. Backers are embracing the allure of luxury camping and making memories with their loved ones that last a lifetime.

Space Acacia: The Ultimate 3-In-1 Camping System

9. AOKZOE A1Pro: The Evolution of Handheld Gaming

Category: Productivity

Funds Raised: $1,101,051

Gaming enters a new era with the AOKZOE A1Pro, the world’s first 7840U gaming handheld. Backers in the gaming community are raving over this handheld that fits snugly in the palm of their hands, redefining the boundaries of portable play.

Latest Handheld Gaming Console with AMD Ryzen 7 7840U | Aokzoe A1 Pro

8. Niostem: Revitalize Your Confidence with Hair Transformation

Category: Health & Fitness

Funds Raised: $1,267,291

Say hello to a new you and regain your luscious locks with niostem, a groundbreaking solution that promises a transformation in just six months. Backers are embracing the opportunity to reclaim their confidence and rediscover their best selves

niostem | Indiegogo

7. Hover X1: Visual Storytelling Takes Flight

Category: Camera Gear

Funds Raised: $1,656,927

Hover X1 takes aerial photography to uncharted territory with its pocket-sized self-flying camera. Backers are soaring to new heights, capturing breathtaking shots and unlocking a world of creative possibilities in visual storytelling

Hover Camera X1 Pocket-Sized Self-flying Camera: Small, Lighter, and Easier

6. Mirror Hotels: Luxury Meets Nature in a Perfect Blend

Category: Travel & Outdoors

Funds Raised: $1,844,302

Indulge your senses during your stay at Mirror Hotels, where the beauty of nature converges with lavish luxury. Backers are escaping the ordinary and mundane by escaping into the traditional camping experience that’s anything but

Welcome to Mirror Hotel

5. PetSnowy: Elevating Pet Care 

Category: Home

Funds Raised: $1,874,745

PetSnowy is a self-cleaning litter box that’s a game-changer for pet parents. Backers love this innovative solution that frees up time for what matters most – quality moments with their furbabies

PetSnowy | SNOW⁺ | The Innovative Self-Cleaning Litter Box

4. AYANEO 2S: Full-Screen Portable Gaming Has Arrived

Category: Innovative Products

Funds Raised: $1,961,257

AYANEO 2S takes handheld gaming to the next level with its full-screen design and upgraded 7840U console. Backers are joining the revolution, immersing themselves in a gaming experience that puts them right in the center of all the action

AYANEO 2S:Full Screen Great Upgrade AMD 7840U Console

3. GPD WIN Max 2 Handheld Gaming PC: A Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

Category: Innovative Products

Funds Raised: $2,087,169

Gaming just got a serious upgrade with the GPD WIN Max 2. With a whopping 64GB RAM and the formidable 7840U processor, this handheld gaming PC redefines all the rules. Backers who are on the lookout for gaming glory are obsessed with this console that erases the boundaries between console and handheld

FINALLY! FULL Speed PS3 Emulation on a HANDHELD! - GPD Win Max 2 AMD 7840U

2. AYANEO 2: A New Dawn for Handheld Gaming

Category: Innovative Products

Funds Raised: $2,179,896

AYANEO 2 is rewriting the rules of handheld gaming with the prowess of AMD 6800U. Backers have flocked to support this gadget that marries immersive gameplay graphics with unbridled performance, all within the grasp of their hands. The boundaries of portable gaming have been redrawn!

To Get Your Dream Gaming Console: AYANEO 2

1. GPD WIN 4: Gaming and Productivity Unleashed

Category: Productivity

Funds Raised: $3,939,216

Meet the GPD WIN 4, the pint-sized wonder that packs a punch. Armed with an AMD APU, this handheld gaming console redefines portable gaming. Whether you’re conquering virtual worlds or getting work done on-the-go, the GPD WIN 4 is the ultimate sidekick for every backer

GPD Makes The Best 7840U (So Far) - GPD Win 4 Review

Top 3 Trending Crowdfunding Campaign Categories

The pulse of collective backer support is stronger in certain categories! The top three categories that have garnered the most backing in the first half of the year are:

1. Innovative Products

$10,905,278 in Funds Raised to date

Innovation knows no bounds, and this category is a testament to that. From life-altering lifestyle and wellness products to smart gadgets for the home, this category has attracted backers who share a passion for ushering in the future with disruptive solutions.

2. Productivity

$9,053,810 in Funds Raised to date

Backers have rallied behind campaigns that set out to enhance workplace productivity in the office, at home, or on-the-go. These gadgets and tools are designed to streamline daily routines and maximize efficiency, reflecting a shared desire for those who want to conquer their to-do lists and take control of their schedules.

3. Film

$8,834,103 in Funds Raised to date

Stories have the power to unite, inspire, and transport, and the “Film” category is where these narratives come to life. Backers have shown their love for the art of visual narrative, and have wholeheartedly embraced indie projects that promise to bring new stories and voices to life on the big screen.

Join the Wave of Innovation

Every click, every share, every contribution, and every backer matters. By championing these groundbreaking Indiegogo campaigns, you’re not just investing in ideas – you’re propelling innovation forward,  sparking change, and becoming part of a movement that’s shaping the future. Join the ranks of backers who have created an opportunity to bring these extraordinary projects to life. Your contribution is more than just a donation — it’s a stake in the evolution of technology and innovation. 

Thanks to your support, we at Indiegogo are turning dreams into reality, one campaign at a time.

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