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Wai Kit Chiang’s “Jonathan’s Venture” an Exciting Space Adventure


Author Wai Kit Chiang, also known as Kit, draws from a wealth of experience in technology, education, and international relations to craft “Jonathan’s Venture.”  His diverse background includes degrees and work experiences that span across various fields, including computer technology and education. His journey has encompassed roles as a voluntary delegate and a dedicated member of the World Association of Former United Nations Interns and Fellows (WAFUNIF).

In crafting “Jonathan’s Venture,” his personal experiences have played an integral role, in shaping his perspective and inspiring his writing. The passing of his late brother, Wai Ning Chiang, adds a poignant layer of inspiration to the book. Wai Ning Chiang, born on July 27, 1967, and tragically lost to leukemia on October 27, 1987, has left an indelible mark on Kit’s journey. It’s with this deeply personal connection and a desire to honor his brother’s memory that he takes on this literary endeavor.

The story revolves around Commander Jameson, who’s on a mission aboard the UFS Jonathan, a futuristic spaceship. The ship’s goal? To explore uncharted territories of space and make contact with potential extraterrestrial civilizations. As the story unfolds, we get to witness thrilling escapades, groundbreaking discoveries, and complex relationships among the crew members.

The heart of the book lies in its exploration of autonomy – the idea of things operating on their own. From the ship’s self-sufficiency to the crew’s ability to adapt, autonomy is a key theme. The crew faces unexpected hurdles as they journey through space, like navigating the mysterious quantum tunnel and dealing with turbulence. These challenges force them to rethink the ship’s design and materials, showcasing the vital connection between technology and survival.

One crew member, 1966060434, is an expert in vessel architecture. His experiences mirror the ship’s challenges, highlighting how the human body and mechanics are intertwined. As the crew grapples with these issues, readers are reminded of the delicate balance between human physiology and the demands of space travel.

“Jonathan’s Venture” isn’t just an adventure; it’s an invitation to learn and explore. The story is structured like an orientation class, introducing readers to auto-mechanics, bio-mechanics, and socio-mechanics. It encourages us to dig deeper into these subjects, conduct our own research, and embrace a lifelong love of learning.

At its core, the book celebrates curiosity and the endless possibilities of the human mind. It challenges us to keep seeking knowledge and to never stop discovering. Through its thrilling narrative and relatable characters, “Jonathan’s Venture” reminds us that the quest for knowledge is a journey worth taking.

To partake on this cosmic adventure, visit and get your copy of “Jonathan’s Venture” today. Join Commander Jameson and his crew as they navigate the stars, uncover mysteries, and show us the power of human ingenuity.

About the Author

Wai Kit Chiang
, known by Kit, has degrees and work experiences in technology, education, and international relations. He has served in computer technology, as an educator, as a voluntary delegate, and volunteer member of the World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows (WAFUNIF).

Jonathan’s Venture
Author: Wai Kit Chiang
ISBN 10 1953397735,
ISBN 13 9781953397737
Length 224 pages

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 Space Adventure

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