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Breaking Down the NFL Rivals Player Card Attributes


Every player card in the game, whether a base card or a limited edition (LE) one, has a set of attributes that determine their in-game performance on the field.

Some attributes are considered core to all player cards, regardless of position, and have an effect on all cardsí performance: strength, speed, quickness, acceleration, and presence. Others are specific to a range of positions, such as endurance, which only applies to positions that carry the ball.

All other attributes are specific to the lineup position and their importance to the cardís success are arrayed in order in that stats section. For example, offensive linemen arenít affected by their Jump stats, running backs donít care about Man Coverage, and quarterbacks are the only ones who need to worry about their Throw Power.

Now, hereís a breakdown of what each stat means:


This stat affects all player cards and determines the maximum for how fast a player can run on the field.


Strength plays into the success players have with making or blocking tackles. For ball carriers, their Run Block and Pass Block stats tag team with Strength to determine how well they do fending off tackles. For defensive players, their Tackle and Strength


The quickness stat determines how easily players can change direction on the field. It also covers the ability to spin and juke.


How fast a player can reach their top speed is determined by the cardís acceleration score.


The Presence stat determines how well the player perceives the field around them. For quarterbacks, this attribute informs how long they have until they start feeling the sack pressure. For defensive players, this affects how quickly they react to passes made in their zone.


Endurance is only relevant for ball-carrying positions, which covers quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends. This attribute affects the stamina of players while theyíre running the ball.


The Jump stat directly influences how high a player can jump.


This attribute influences how well a player can carry the ball, which will be more important if fumbles are introduced into the game. Carry matters for quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends.

BC Power Move

For ball carriers only, this stat informs how well they can run over defenders.

BC Skill Move

How well a ball carrier can juke a defender (how effective a spin is)


How well a player can catch the ball is determined by the Catching stat, which is key for tight ends, wide receivers, and running backs.

Insane Catch

This attribute helps determine how well players can catch a ball thatís off-target with a diving or jumping catch. This stat matters for wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends.

Throw Power

Throw Power establishes how far a player can throw the football, which is only important for quarterbacks.

Short Pass Accuracy

This attribute determines how accurate your QB can throw short passes.

Long Pass Accuracy

This QB-exclusive stat is for how accurate players can throw long passes.

Kick Power

Kick Power is how far a player can kick or punt the football, so this one is only for the kickers.

Kick Accuracy

This changes how accurately a player can punt or kick the ball, so this is a kicker-only stat.

Run Block

The Run Block attribute establishes how long and effectively a player can block defenders during a run play.

Pass Block

This stat supports how well and how long a player can block a defender on a pass play.

How well/long a player can block a defender on a pass play.

Power Block

Power Block stats show how well a player can knock a defender to the ground on a block.


The Tackle attribute determines how effective a defending player is at tackling the ball carrier.

Power Pass Rush

This attribute is the determining factor for how easily a defender can run through or push past a player to the quarterback, meaning this stat is most relevant for defensive linemen.

Skill Pass Rush

This stat establishes how well a defender can spin or juke past a player to get to the QB.


The Disengage stat determines how well a defender can get away from a block.

Man Coverage

This attribute shows how well a defender can play man-to-man defense.

Zone Coverage

The Zone Coverage stat determines how well a defender can play zone defense.

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