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Author Chet Shupe’s Book on the Great Anomaly of Modern Society Recently Showcased at the 2023 L.A. Times Festival of Books

Shupe’s book, “Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature—How Civilization Destroys Happiness,” describes how the rules required to maintain civil order have separated mankind from our natural way of life and how this separation results in the panoply of problems from which we moderns suffer, ranging from habitat destruction to social isolation.

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“In the book, Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature, Second Edition, by Chet Shupe, readers are introduced to what humans need to achieve wellbeing as humans. It discusses the true nature of human life and what there was before our lives were civilized. It talks about what life could be like if we get back to our human nature, and the importance of doing so.” – Elisabeth Kunert

Our species thrived for tens of thousands of years during which humans served each other within socially bonded groups made up of sisterhoods and brotherhoods. In contrast, we now survive by bending to the laws of civilization as required to pursue personal wealth and privilege.

Shupe’s book was showcased at the L.A. Times Festival of Books by ReadersMagnet, a self-publishing and book marketing company. There was a vast collection of publications with differing views on the human condition. But while the writings of new agers, futurists, and transhumanists see solutions in mind control, innovation, and wealth-building, at least one author thinks everyone has it all backwards. Instead of trying to create solutions for the world’s problems, Shupe asserts that the world would naturally be a better place, if humans returned to doing what we love most: Taking care of one another in the context of interdependent relationships.

Putting the emphasis on “nature,” in human nature, Chet Shupe makes a bold case that questions the very concept of civil rule, itself. He cites the omnipresent influence of evolution on all the animate species it created, as emotional beings. Our “emotional intelligence,” not our compliance with manmade rules, is what inspires us to celebrate life, by taking care of one another.

Yet, somewhere along the way, the evolution of human communication resulted in a troubling shift in perspective. Our fear of the imagined future distracted us from the immediate concerns involved in caring for each other’s wellbeing. Shupe contends that this change from “living in the moment” to “living for the imagined future” resulted in both the birth of civilization and the widespread psychosis inherent to the endemic loneliness that is rife in modern cultures.

A part of this conclusion came as a result of Shupe’s own experience struggling with ADD. After undergoing successful treatment, he started writing about medically treating dysfunctional brains, in hopes others might experience the same “miracle” he did. However, he soon realized that brain dysfunction may not be the real problem, but only a symptom of a deeper underlying cultural phenomenon that more people need to be aware of.

“Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature: How Civilization Destroys Happiness” is available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information on Chet Shupe’s research and future publications, visit his website.

“Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature: How Civilization Destroys Happiness”
Author | Chet Shupe
Published date | 12.06.22
Publisher | BookBaby
Genre | Sociology, Evolutionary Biology, Psychology, Philosophy

Author Bio
As a whistle-blower to the world, Chet Shupe speaks with urgency about the need to rediscover people’s connections with their own nature, if we are ever again to experience the contentment of sisterhood and brotherhood that is our natural heritage.

Chet Shupe is an electronics engineer who suffered from severe Attention Deficit Disorder, for much of his life. When he was 43, his condition was finally diagnosed, and he began treatment with Ritalin. Suddenly, life made sense. As a result of that extraordinary experience, he began writing on brain dysfunction to provide a conceptual framework for medically treating the brain.

As a result of that effort—combined with his professional knowledge of system control theory—Shupe’s subject soon changed from brain dysfunction to cultural dysfunction. He realized that the brain cannot find lasting contentment, nor can it produce behavior that serves the individual or the species, when functioning in a reality that, emotionally, it does not comprehend.

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